Keuka Lake Wine Tasting 2021: Top 5 Best Wineries to Visit

Best Keuka Lake Wineries

The best Keuka Lake wineries are located on the shores of this beautiful lake. These vineyards produce award-winning wines and offer tasting sessions to guests who want to discover the best bottles in the region. What makes these Keuka Lake wineries different from others? They use grapes grown at the highest elevations for their high-quality … Read more

Snake River Valley Wine Trail 2021: 10 Best Wineries to Visit

Snake River Valley

When you think of the state of Idaho, you will most likely associate it with agriculture, specifically potato farming. Idaho is definitely more than potato farming and has a diverse wine culture. This may come as a surprise to some and may be more well known by wine enthusiasts as Idaho hosts award-winning wineries and … Read more

Vermont Wine Tail 2021: 7 Best Wineries to Visit

Best Wineries in Vermont

Wineries and vineyards in Vermont have only been around since the mid-1990s, but that’s not to say it doesn’t produce some excellent wines. Over the last couple of decades, a wide range of top-quality wineries have popped up, offering distinct and flavorsome wines. Due to Vermont’s humid continental climate, many vineyards specialize in cold-hardy grapes … Read more

New Hampshire Wine Tour 2021: 10 Best Wineries to Visit

New Hampshire Wine Tour

New Hampshire is relatively new to the wine scene, with most vineyards having only been around since the 1990s. Over the last few decades, however, it’s become a top-notch destination for wine lovers. The cool climate means hardy grape varieties like French-American hybrids thrive, so you’ll find delicious wines that rival those found in France … Read more

Ohio River Wine Tasting in 2021: 8 Best Wineries to Visit

Best Ohio River Wineries

Ohio boasts of having one of the essential wine valleys in America. With so many to choose from, how do you know which will suit you? Check out some of the best wineries in Ohio below, but first, let’s discuss what type of wines you expect to find in this region. What Wine is Ohio … Read more

Stellenbosch Wine Tour 2021: 8 Best Wineries to Visit

Best Wineries In Stellenbosch

South Africa’s wine region of Stellenbosch is a beautiful place to spend the day for both amateurs and experts. It has some of the most amazing wines in all of South Africa and regardless if you are looking for affordability or quality, this area should be on your list. The region is home to one … Read more

Minnesota Wine Trail 2021: 12 Best Wineries to Visit

Best Wineries in Minnesota

Minnesota is typically known for its many lakes, making it a good getaway for fishing, but if you get tired of doing that, there are other fun activities you can try out. You will be amazed to find out that Minnesota has some fantastic wineries you can visit. It has grown substantially and expanded over … Read more

Santa Ynez Wine Tasting 2021: 8 Best Wineries to Visit

Santa Ynez Winery

Santa Ynez Valley is home to some of the most spectacular wines you can imagine, with the added bonus of having some of the most beautiful scenery. There’s nothing quite like sipping delicious wine against an idyllic landscape with rolling hills and majestic mountains. Spending an afternoon at a vineyard in Santa Ynez is a … Read more

8 Best Tasting Rooms in Los Olivos (2021 Updated)

Best Los Olivos Wineries

Remember how vacations are riddled with crowds and fixed schedules? Wine tours are different. Enter cellars, the countryside, wineries! Wineries are a getaway from crowds. They offer a remarkable experience; every winery is unique, and no wine tastes the same. If you are a bubbly and wine lover heading to Santa Barbara, you do not … Read more

7 Best Wineries In Monterey To Visit (2021 Updated)

Best Wineries In Monterey

Monterey has several wineries and a couple of dozen Vineyards to tour and these only will guarantee a nice stay in California. Whether you want to visit only one or all of them, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Wine is the most popular drink of choice in Monterey county. For … Read more