How Many Calories in a Bottle of Prosecco?

How Many Calories in a Bottle of Prosecco

The word “calories” is quite possibly everybody’s least favorite “C” word! Many people spend countless hours calculating and analyzing their daily calorie intakes to ensure they remain within their recommended health levels. While you’re calculating calories, do you ever give any thought to how many calories are in a bottle of Prosecco? A lot of … Read more

The Difference Between Wine and Table Wine

The Difference Between Wine and Table Wine

You are planning a special dinner party. You’ve planned the food, the music, the decorations, and the games. However, you’re a little uncertain about the wine. Should you use ‘Table Wine’ or not? Will it seem too cheap? In fact, you don’t really know the difference between table wine and other wines. It all seems … Read more

Top 4 Wine Sulfite Removers: Eliminate Headaches

Best Sulfite Remover

For some wine drinkers, there’s nothing quite like a glass of your favorite vino after a long day. Dinner also seems to become a lot more entertaining with a few glasses of good wine. However, for many people, the dreaded headache that comes after all this wine drinking can be quite a pain in the … Read more

How to Make Muscadine Wine?

How to Make Muscadine Wine

One of the reasons many non-wine drinkers shy away from regular wine has to do with the bitter and sometimes astringent flavor associated with the world’s most popular drink. Some people have a solution for this problem. Ever heard of Muscadine wine? Muscadine wine is a much sweeter option and ideally suited to people who … Read more

12 Best Organic Wine Brands

Best Organic Wine Brands

These days the concept of organic foods and drinks is gaining a lot of popularity. For some people, it’s just a matter of going with the trend but for others, it’s a serious decision and vital lifestyle choice. Opting for an organic lifestyle includes changing your favorite vino for a newer healthier option. The good … Read more

How Long Do Hangovers Last & How to Get Over

How Long Do Hangovers Last

We have all been there: had one too many, and suffered for it the next day. A hangover isn’t a very nice experience. Fortunately for you, most hangovers only last a short while, although it can feel like years when your head is pounding. A very bad hangover where you experience a mild form of … Read more

The 5 Best Port Wine Brands

Port Wine Brands

If you enjoy the occasional Port, you might have given thought to other Port wine brands on the market. In fact, other than your favorite port, you might not know many other brands and you’re missing out on some great flavor! In this article, we’ll give you a break down of some of the more … Read more

Does Wine Freeze: Everything You Need to Know

Does Wine Freeze

Do you have leftover wine from last night’s dinner party? Or have you accidentally forgotten the wine in the freezer while you were hoping to cool it? This might leave you wondering, does wine freeze? In addition to wondering if wine freezes, you might be wondering what you’ll do with it after that? Does freezing … Read more

The 5 Best Dry Red Wine for Cooking

Best Dry Red Wine for Cooking

If you enjoy cooking with red meat chances are you’re always looking for a way to bring out the robust meat flavor. In your search for the perfect recipe, you’ve probably seen mention of adding red wine to the sauce or marinade. Red wine is a popular addition to meat dishes since it’s a simple … Read more

The 6 Best Champagnes for Mimosas (2022 Update)

Best Champagne for Mimosas

If you’re bored with your current choice of brunch drinks, it might be time to spice things up a bit. Have you ever tried a chilled Mimosa? Few daytime drinks are as refreshing as a tall Mimosa made with some good Champagne and your citrus juice of choice. If you’re thinking of serving these bubbly … Read more