The 7 Best Under Counter Wine Fridges (2023 Update)

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If you’re a wine enthusiast, you know how disappointing it can be when you forgot to chill the wine and the dinner guests are knocking on the door! Of course, this wouldn’t have happened if you had a wine fridge to permanently keep your wine at the right temperature.

You might argue that you don’t have the space in your kitchen for another fridge and don’t always space in the food fridge to store more than one bottle of wine. In this instance, a quality under counter wine fridge is the solution. There are many benefits to keeping your wine chilled in a specific fridge.

Additionally, it’s just as beneficial to have an under counter fridge that’s out of the way. With that in mind, today’s article highlights a few of our favorite under counter fridges. We’ll also be including a handy buyer’s guide to draw your attention to the points you need to look out for when you’re shopping for your wine fridge. Read on for all the info you need!

Some Info About Under Counter Wine Fridges

Before we jump into our list of favorites, it’s important to understand a few points about under counter wine fridges. Keep reading for a few typically asked questions when wine enthusiasts are thinking of investing in a wine fridge.

What is an Under counter Wine Fridge?

Essentially, an under counter wine fridge is a refrigerator specifically dedicated to storing more than one bottle of wine. As the name suggests, the fridge is stored under a counter in the kitchen. With a dedicated space for your favorite drink, it allows an avid collector to store more than one bottle at a time, at the right temperature.

Is There a Difference Between a Wine Cooler and a Wine Fridge?

The significant difference between a wine cooler and an under counter wine fridge is the temperature range. Wine should be stored between 45°F and 65°F. A wine fridge allows you to adjust the temperature depending on the type of wine you want to store.

Do Under Counter Fridges Need Ventilation?

For an under counter fridge to work effectively, there needs to be air circulating around and under the appliance. This will prevent the fridge from overheating which in turn could ruin the wine. If your counters don’t offer much in terms of ventilation, a few simple vents cut into the area around the fridge should work fine.

Top 7 Best Under Counter Wine Fridges

1. Antarctic Star 15” Under Counter Wine Cooler Beverage Refrigerator

One of the features that make this under counter wine fridge a popular choice is the active charcoal air purifier that works wonders to keep the wine corks fresh. In addition to keeping the wine cool, the charcoal air purifier preserves the aroma and quality of each wine bottle.

A double tempered glass window protects your precious collection from harmful UV rays streaming in through the kitchen window. Beechwood shelves are designed to keep wine lying on their sides. The stylish shelf design can also easily match any wooden furniture in the space.

Who Should buy it

Anyone who doesn’t see themselves owning more than 28 bottles of wine at one time will benefit from this fridge. It also runs on an energy-efficient system, making it ideal for anyone looking to increase their wine collection but not their energy bill!


  • Dual-zone options for red and white wine
  • Runs quietly
  • Holds up to 28 bottles
  • Wooden shelves pull out for easy placing and removal of wine


  • Instructional manual can be difficult to understand

2. NutriChef Wine Cooler Refrigerator

With its sleek, contoured look, the NutriChef Wine Cooler Refrigerator is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. Polished chrome wine racks give it a crisp, modern appearance. Other features that make this little fridge quite impressive include the child safety auto-lock and the glass door’s airtight lock and seal.

Its built-in compressor offers cooling technology with an adjustable temperature setting of 41-64° F. This allows you to keep your bottles at the exact temperature needed to keep your vino perfect. An internal forced air circulation feature provides adequate cooling throughout the fridge, even when the fridge is being opened regularly.

Who Should Buy It

Since the NutriChef Wine fridge is a smaller 15- bottle entry-level fridge, it’s the best option for new wine collectors with a beginner collection. In addition to its modern finish, the fridge also boasts an auto-lock that keeps the little hands of children from accidentally changing temperatures.


  • Holds up to 15 bottles
  • Upright racks accommodate opened bottles
  • Maintains steady temperature
  • Quiet operation


  • Temperature control can be faulty

3. Kalamera 30” Wine Cooler Refrigerator 2-in1

If you’d like to have a fridge that can accommodate wine and beverage storage, the Kalamera 30” is the option for you. Its dual functionality offers you 2 independent fridge compartments. The left side is designed to keep about 33 bottles of wine stored at optimal temperature. The right side offers transparent shelves allowing you to keep beer, spirits, cocktails and other beverages cold and fresh.

With the dual-zone feature, you can store your wine at a different temperature to the beverages. The wine chiller is quite powerful and keeps your wine at the perfect temperature. Built using stainless steel, this model is resilient, durable and corrosion-proof.

Who Should Buy It

The Kalamera 30” fridge is ideal for anyone who needs a dual refrigerator option. If you host parties where you serve a variety of drink types in addition to wine, this fridge is an ideal choice to keep everything cool. It can easily store 33 bottles of wine, depending on bottle size as well as 104 cans of beverages.


  • Durable
  • Practical 2-in-1 fridge
  • Dual-zone
  • Can hold up to 33 bottles of wine, depending on bottle size
  • Transparent shelves for drinks


  • Temperature display isn’t always accurate

4. Phiestina 15” Under Counter Wine Cooler

The Phiestina 15” Under Counter Wine Cooler is a popular under counter wine fridge option for medium wine collectors. Depending on the size of the wine bottles, you could potentially fit about 29 bottles in this modern under counter fridge.

A big advantage with this fridge is its modern, sleek finish and also boasts adjustable shelves that allow cooling bottles of different sizes. Its dual-temperature features allow you to store wine at different temperatures.

Who Should Buy It

Anyone with a small to medium wine collection and a modern kitchen will benefit from this design. If your drinks collection mostly features red and white wines, the dual-zone temperature settings will be a huge plus point.


  • Can hold about 29 bottles, depending on bottle size
  • Adjustable shelves allow for larger bottles
  • Reversible door hinge allows you to place the door on the best side to accommodate your kitchen
  • Can be used as an under counter fridge or freestanding unit


  • Shelving material might come across as cheap
  • Temperature controls aren’t always consistent

5. KUPPET 27 Bottles Under Counter Wine Fridge

With its sleek, sophisticated design, the KUPPET 27 Bottles Under counter Wine Fridge can store about 36 bottles of wine. Adjustable racks make it easy to alter the space to fit smaller or larger bottles.

Since its operating sound rounds at a very low 35dB, this under counter fridge can literally be put anywhere in your home without being a bother. Double layered glass avoids light and heat allowing you to experience a fresher, crisper drink.

Who Should Buy It

Anyone looking for a small under counter fridge with an ultra-sleek modern finish need look no further. Its black finish fits into any modern kitchen or bar design. If you’re environmentally conscious, the good news is, this fridge uses eco-friendly compressor refrigeration.

This offers a much faster cooling mechanism in comparison to more traditional thermoelectric cooling methods.


  • Removable shelves allow for bigger bottles
  • Energy-efficient
  • Can easily accommodate up to 36 bottles
  • Quiet operation


  • Digital temperature display can sometimes be inaccurate

6. Kalamera 24” Wine Cooler Refrigerator 46 Bottle

For wine enthusiasts with a slightly larger wine collection than the average 10 – 20 bottles, the Kalamera 24” Wine Cooler Refrigerator with its 46 bottle capacity is an ideal option. It’s worth noting that this particular model has earned itself the #1 Bestseller spot in the built-in wine fridge category.

Some of its impressive features include its two layers of tempered glass that keep the temperature regulated and prevent fogging. Additionally, its automatic defrosting mechanism runs every 6 hours, ensuring your freezer stays at the right temperature without freezing any of your precious vino!

Who Should Buy It

If you’ve moved past the beginner wine collection of a few bottles, this fridge is worth thinking about. Its elegant, modern finish with 5 wooden shelves makes it an ideal fit in any kitchen or bar area.


  • Dual-zone thermostat
  • Can accommodate up to 46 wine bottles, depending on size
  • Adjustable shelves accommodate bigger bottles
  • Stainless steel door makes for a modern finish
  • Steady temperatures keeps wine fresh and crisp
  • Smooth, quiet operation


  • Wooden shelves can come across as flimsy, especially with the weight of heavier bottles

7. AAOBOSI 24” 51 Bottle Under counter Wine Fridge (Upgraded Model)

The AAOBOSI 24” 51 Bottle Under counter Wine Fridge is an upgraded version of the previous model. Courtesy of its 24” size, it can easily hold up to 51 bottles of wine, making it an ideal option for collectors with a larger wine collection.

6 glass shelves can easily be adjusted to accommodate bottles of different sizes. Dual-temperature controls make it easy to store both red and white wines at the perfect temperature. A child-lock keeps your precious vino collection safe from inquisitive children’s hands.

Who Should Buy it

Since this under counter wine fridge can store 51 bottles, it’s an ideal storage option for bigger collections. With the two separate temperature options, it’s easy to store different wines.


  • Can potentially store about 51 bottles of wine
  • Dual-zone temperature control
  • Tempered glass door allows you to show off your collection
  • Solid, adjustable shelves make it easy to add more bottles
  • Stainless steel design gives it an ultra-modern finish


  • Drawer slider only extends halfway
  • Running can be noisy
  • Some wine bottle shapes don’t fit comfortably

Buying Guide for Choosing the Under Counter Wine Fridge

Whether you’re new to the wine-loving experience, or you’re an avid wine collector, it’s important to note that proper wine storage is key to preserving the quality of your wine. If you don’t have space for a free-standing unit, an under counter fridge is an ideal alternative.

However, if you’re new to the wine journey, it might be challenging to find the right fridge if you’re not entirely sure what to look for. Our handy buying guide will give you an outline of the most common features to look for when before you make your final decision!

Energy Efficiency

Since your wine fridge will always be on, it’s important to consider the impact that will have on your energy bill. Always consider energy-efficient models.


Generally, the best temperature to store wine ranges around 55 degrees. Wine kept at this constant temperature slows the aging process quite considerably. This in turn maintains the wine’s color, aroma and flavor.

Red wine is usually best served at room temperature (somewhere between 60 and 65 degrees). White wine on the other hand is best served chilled (ranging between 50 and 60 degrees). Champagne and sparkling wines are best served at 40 degrees.

Always ensure that your wine fridge has adjustable temperature settings and can reach this minimum, and maximum required for different wine types. Dual-zone fridges allow you to store both red and white wine at different temperatures.

Bottle Capacity

The size of your wine collection will determine how big a fridge you need. Many wine aficionados suggest calculating the average number of wine bottles you have on hand on any given day and adding 20% to give you room to grow.

This will give you an idea of the size you’re looking for. Obviously, the counter space will determine the actual space you have to work with. But, even with smaller fridges, you might find additional shelving space to accommodate a medium-sized collection.

Shelving Styles

Ideally, if you’re storing several wine bottles with corks, you’ll need shelving that allows wine bottles to lie on their side. Doing this keeps cork plump enough to seal out any bacteria.

Keeping wine on its side is also great for aging fine wines as it maximizes the surface area of which allows it to oxidize in storage. Wherever possible, opt for an under counter fridge with shelves that are designed for wine bottles to be cradled on their sides.

Considering that not all wine bottles are the same shape or size, it’s important to opt for adjustable shelves. This will make it easy to remove shelves to add bigger or wider shaped bottles.


While you’re searching for the best under counter fridge to store your wine collection, you’ll also be considering the statement it makes in your home. Consider the general style and décor of the room you’re putting the fridge in.

The good news is, there are many different styles, designs and colors available to compliment your current décor. Options vary from stainless steel to bold black colors.


When you’ve opted for your favorite under counter wine fridge, it’s important to know how to install it. We’ve added a short clip to show you just how easy it is to get your fridge installed and working!


Avid wine collectors will agree with one thing. A dedicated wine fridge is a perfect solution to keeping your wine at the right temperatures. Some wine fridges offer different settings for red or white wines, ensuring your wine is ready to drink at any time.

It’s important to use our buying guide to ensure you get the best value for money while drawing up your wine fridge shortlist. Remember to check the space you have available, the ventilation and everything you’ll need to install the fridge. With the varying styles and brands in our top list, you’re guaranteed to find the best option for your space and your wine!

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