Vinesse Wine Club Reviews 2023: Delicious Surprises

Vinesse is a unique kind of wine club that delivers a fantastic range of wines. They firmly believe that good wines do not have to be expensive. Vinesse offers a thrilling curated mixture of delicious and exotic wines. Each has an awe-inspiring story based on passion, science, tradition, friendships, and family, making every bottle unique, valuable, and fun.

Vinesse Club Overview

Vinesse Wine Club Reviews
Quality of wine
Price of wine
Wine curation
Satisfaction guarantee
Customer Service
Wine Education


  • Huge selection of high quality and affordable wines
  • Freedom to choose your wine preferences and have them delivered to you
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free wine tote  worth $37.95
  • Bulk and per bottle pricing options


  • ree shipping is only applicable on the welcome offer; after that, shipping fees apply
  • So many wine clubs -the choices are overwhelming

What is Vinesse Wine Club

Vinesse wine club is a renowned wine club that has been in existence for over two decades. Founded by two American wine lovers, Vinesse exists on the belief that we should all be allowed access to tasty boutique wines not only at affordable prices but also with the convenience of home or office delivery.

Their main goal is to ensure their members and customers can safely try out a wide variety of wines. Also, learn about top-rated wines from around the globe from their expert tasting notes, each with a background story of the wines, bringing wine to a whole new level.

It offers various membership options (the highest online), allowing customers to choose the number of bottles they want, the type of wine they like, and how frequently they wish to be billed and shipped.

How to Join Vinesse Wine Club

How to Join Vinesse Wine Club

Joining Vinesse wine club is a very straightforward process that does not consume much time. You are required to first select your wine preference, as either mixed, all reds, or all whites. After that, you fill in your shipping and billing details to receive their introductory offer of 8 wine bottles.

Key Details of Vinesse Wine Club

Here is some important information regarding the Vinesse wine club.

Wine Club Plan and Membership Benefits

Vinesse has a welcome offer where you’ll get to order eight bottles of wine for $49.99. In case you are ordering more than eight, you’ll be required to pay $16 for every extra bottle plus delivery charges.

When you place your introductory order, you’ll be automatically be enrolled on monthly deliveries. Thus, you’ll be paying $96 for every six bottles monthly. However, you can always get in touch with Vinesse whenever you wish to change the frequency of your order.

Here are the various membership options offered by the Vinesse wine club.

  • American Cellars wine club – Each shipment includes six wine bottles 12 times a year. They offer reds, whites, or both starting at $12-15 PER BOTTLE.
  • Elevant Society wine club-Each shipment includes two bottles of wine 14 times every year. Prices range from $29-35.
  • World of wine club-each shipment contains six bottles from a single wine region ranging from $20.25-$23 per bottle.
  • Light and sweet wine club-each shipment includes six wine bottles shipped 4 times a year. Price starts from $15-17.

Wine Selection and Brands

Vinesse Wine Selection and Brands

Vinesse offers an assortment of wines from around the world. However, they mainly source from wineries in California, intending to promote the local wineries. The bottles are then carefully handpicked by Vinesse sommeliers to ensure they settle for the best.

Included in its list of Wine Club Brands are:

  • Gracenote- Gracenote is a winery located in Los Carneros, California. They produce powerfully concentrated wines with plenty of natural acidity and tannin to balance the fruit flavors.
  • Chalkstone-Located in California’s central coast region, Chalkstone is popular for its delicious chardonnay.
  • Ashfield Cellars-Ashfield is a renowned brand that has vineyards throughout the state of California.
  • El Tiburon-El Tiburon is known for making cabernet sauvignon and is located in the North Coast area of Napa Valley.

Wine Education

Vinesse Wine Club is keen on consumer education concerning the wines they like. Every order comes with specialized tasting sheets, wine profiles, and food recommendations that go well with the selection.

For each wine, you’ll get to discover the winery’s background, the winemaker, and the fine details about the wine. They’ll also come with professional reviews attached.

Gift Option

Vinesse Gift Option

Vinesse Wine Club offers a perfect gift option. Furthermore, it makes it incredibly easy to share the gift. It has two options available to choose from; you can send a wine club membership or gift a one-time box of wine. Their gift option comes with free shipping and a $25 Vinesse gift card that can be used on future purchases worth $100 and above.

You can buy wine as a gift directly from the signup page with the option of adding a personalized message before checking out.

Cancellation Policy

Canceling your club membership with Vinesse is quick and easy.

Suppose you wish to cancel your membership, dial 800-823-5527 to contact customer service at your convenience directly. Let them know that you want to cancel your membership; you will then receive a confirmation email for the cancellation.

Shipping and Delivery

Vinesse Wine Club ships across the entire United States apart from Utah. Wine club membership and individual orders with Vinesse are processed immediately upon purchase receipt. Mostly dispatch is done immediately or within 48 hours. You’ll then receive a tracking number, which will allow you to follow up on your order.

Their shipment is usually handled by temperature-controlled trucks, thus ensuring the quality of your wine is intact. Upon delivery, an adult at least 21 years must be available to receive and sign for the package.

Delivery times

Delivery Times are dependent on your region and could take between 1-5 days. However, Vinesse advocates for using a business address whenever possible as this will help reduce the delivery times by a day or two.

Can You Swap Wines/Hold in Your Shipment

Vinesse customers have the freedom to give a more personalized touch to their orders. You are allowed to edit your wine club preferences before submitting them. Once an order is submitted, it is not possible to swap or hold in your order. Due to their speedy warehouse system, they cannot alter queued orders.

How to File a Damage Claim

Vinesse does not allow its customers to file a damage claim on the website directly. However, if you have complaints, you can contact their customer service via email or telephone whenever to lodge your complaint.

Is Vinesse Right for You?

Vinesse provides an array of wines from across the world with diverse profiles, covering all possible budgets. It presents numerous options, which can be overwhelming, especially if you are not conversant with wines.

But again, their wines have been carefully handpicked such that they deliver top-rated boutique wines.

Vinesse Wine Club Real Customer Reviews

Vinesse Wine Club is in good standing according to most trusted consumer review sites. Most of their customers are satisfied with their customer service experience and their choice and quality of wines with only a few negative reviews.

Here is what some customers had to say:

Best Wine Club Ever!

I’ve been a member of many different wine clubs, and Vinesse is by far my favorite. With Vinesse, I get to taste a wide variety of wines, not to mention just have something tasty to drink with my dinner on a Tuesday night when my pals are visiting. The wines are well-curated, and I love the sassy tasting notes that accompany each glass. It also makes for an awesome gift for all the wine lovers in my life 🙂 Highly recommend a subscription!

Super cool!

I like a good pinot, and there was more than one, the bottles are cool, and there is more than you think in them the package is also amazing. I took mine to movies with my lady, and she loved having red wine instead of soda. Thanks, Vinesse!

Great Wine Selection!

I have enjoyed my membership through Vinesse! I am yet to receive a bottle I did not love, and their service is easy and convenient. I would defiantly recommend this company to all wine lovers out there!

Stay Away!

Terrible service, over-priced wines. No notification of their shipments. There are way better clubs out there. Stay away from them.

Who Should Join Vinesse Wine Club

Vinesse Wine Club is recommended for any wine lover who has a particular liking for Californian boutique brands. You should join if you are fascinated with receiving your wines, along with tasting notes that will guide you on ideal food pairing suggestions.

Who Should not Join Vinesse Wine Club

It is not recommend for individuals that do not consume wine regularly. Since their shipments come monthly, chances are you will not have finished your previous shipment by the time the next one arrives. This will leave you with many unused bottles.

Also, if you reside outside the US, you will not benefit from the club’s membership as they only ship within the US.

Alternative Wine Clubs

There are various alternatives to Vinesse Wine Club. Firstleaf is a good choice. Their signup process includes taking a quiz about your wine preferences, allowing a more customer-centered subscription. Their welcome box comes with six bottles for  $39.95; after that, you receive six wines for $90.

The California Wine Club is another alternative. It presents five different wine club levels for you to choose from. It also allows you to choose up to four bottles of wine per wine club level, making it an ideal alternative to Vinesse Wine Club.


Vinesse Wine Club is perfect for you if you are looking to enjoy a wide variety of top-rated wines that have been carefully selected from small wineries in the world. Following its many years of experience, Vinesse stands well above most of its competition.

They present you with numerous options that may be overwhelming. The good news is that they have very good customer service that is always available to address your concerns, making it a whole lot easier.

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