10 Best Large Wine Fridges 2023: Detailed Buying Guide

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It is recommended to store wine at temperatures between 45 – 65 degrees Fahrenheit. According to sommeliers and other wine professionals, the temperatures may vary depending on various factors; however, 55 degrees Fahrenheit is the best wine storage temperature.

With that in mind, a good large wine refrigerator should be in your investment if you plan to store hundreds of bottles of wine. A large wine fridge can hold more than 50 bottles of wine. The maximum number of bottles is usually 300. The capacity will depend on various factors that we will discuss.

These large wine fridges are expensive to buy and you will often see them in retail stores and the homes of the most avid wine enthusiasts. It is not uncommon to find a large wine fridge that goes for $4000.

Despite their huge price tags, these wine coolers provide many benefits, including the ability to customize temperatures for specialized aging.

Furthermore, fridges provide stable temperatures and reduce the amount of sunlight that can hit your wines. There is also insulation that comes with these fridges to ensure constant humidity for proper wine aging.

Popular brands such as Edgestar and Ivation provide consumers with large wine fridges of different shapes and sizes to accommodate a range of wine bottles.

Moreover, these companies have incorporated current technologies such as dual-temperature zones to add a little bit of convenience to your storage process.

Quick Summary

Tips on Buying a Large Wine Refrigerator

Size of Bottles and Refrigerator

The number of bottles that can be stored in the fridges will be indicated by the product description and information. For large wine fridges, that is more than 50 standard wine bottles and less than 300 bottles.

The capacity will depend on the size of the wine bottles since some like the magnums will reduce the number of bottles you can fit in the fridge. The sizes of these fridges are so large that they will usually not fit in your kitchen fridge area.

Diameter of Bottles

The Bordeaux wine bottle size is the standard size for most wine bottles. Others like Bourgogne and Champagne have larger diameters. This means that even though one shelf in the large fridge can hold 12 bottles, you may find it holding just 10 due to the size of your larger wine bottles.

Style of Shelving

The layout design of racks and shelves in the fridge will significantly affect the number of bottles you can fit. Some may come with single bottle holders, and others may have racks for stacking the wine bottles.


A typical large wine cooler weighs around 180 – 350 pounds. The coolers are large and heavy which will require multiple people to install in your house.

Furthermore, their weight and size will limit the number of places you can place them lest they damage your home. The width of such fridges is typically 24 inches but some may be as wide as 26 inches.


You can find budget-friendly large wine refrigerators at around $650 – $800. These budget options are often bare-bones with minimal specifications and the least number of bottles for their class. The best of the best may set you back $2500 – $4000 depending on the design and manufacturer.

Compressor vs. Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerators

If you want a quiet fridge then you will have to opt for a thermoelectric wine refrigerator. The thermoelectric fridge uses fewer moving parts compared to compressor refrigerators. This reduces the amount of energy that is used in its operation and the amount of vibration being produced.

Vibrations from compressors in the fridge make compressor fridges age faster. Thermoelectric fridges are a worthwhile investment since they will last longer due to zero vibration and fewer moving parts.

Dual-Temp Zone or Single-Temp Zone Wine Coolers

Single temperature zone refrigerators are made to cool only one type of wine at only one specific temperature.

Dual temperature zone fridges on the other hand are made to accommodate multiple types of wine which need different temperatures to age properly.

For example, if you are storing red wine and white wine, then a dual temperature zone cooler will give you two units to separate the wines at different temperatures that are ideal for each of them.

Best Large Wine Refrigerators

Kalamera 157 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler Refrigerator – Best Overall

Kalamera 157 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler Refrigerator

With a capacity for 156 bottles, the Kalamera freestanding wine refrigerator comes with a dual-zone thermostat with an upper zone having temperatures that range between 44-50 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower zone temperatures range from 50-66 degrees Fahrenheit.

A compressor system stabilizes the temperature readings, but you can regulate the readings using a One-Touch control system that sets the thermostat to your desired temperatures. The control has an LED temperature display that helps illuminate the various refrigeration data.

The Kalamera freestanding wine refrigerator is 69.6“tall and covers a flow space of 26.8” by 23.4”. The size is standard so that you can easily install it in your kitchen or bar area. There is an adjustable cabinet foot to control the heigh and balance of the wine cooler. You will also notice beautiful wooden shelves that provide an easy way of picking and arranging your wine collection.

The triple-layered transparent glass door gives you a nice view of the stored wine and the soft blue LED lighting adds to the ambiance of the displayed wine bottles.

Cost: $$

FOVOMI 20″ Wine Cooler Refrigerator – 52 Bottles Compressor Wine Cellars – Best on a Budget

FOVOMI 20 Wine Cooler Refrigerator

The Fovomi 20 inch 52-bottle wine fridge is another small capacity refrigerator that won’t take too much space in your home. It has the desired dual temperature zones for keeping your reds and whites separately for different experiences. The wine fridge measures 19.69 by 21.65 by 33.66 inches and stores the standard 750 ml bottles perfectly without any lack of room.

There is a precision compressor with adjustable temperature controls that will give you the desired temperature range with ease. Like any standard wine cooler, there are integrated LEDs, and built-in circulation fan, and grape shape ventilation grills. There is also an automatic defrost function.

The noise level for the Fovomi 52-bottle wine cooler is 41 dBA which is virtually silent with zero vibrations. This helps reduce the dispersion of wine sediments and also ensures the flavors remain crisp and delicious.

Cost: $

Whynter BWR-1662SD 166 bottle Large Capacity Wine Refrigerator – Best for Extra Features

Whynter BWR-1662SD 166 bottle Large Capacity Wine Refrigerator

The Whynter BMR-1662SD comes at 278 pounds with dimensions of 28.5 by 23.5 by 69 inches. It has a 166 liters capacity and the freezer capacity is 278 cubic feet.

Moreover, it can hold up to 166 standard 750 ml wine bottles but the display shelf can only hold 161 bottles. The built-in/freestanding design makes it ideal for huge open spaces.

The special features in this unit include the digital temperature control display and UV protection. The UV protection is achieved by a tempered double-paned gray-smoked glass.

You will see that the interior is lit by 9 energy-efficient LED soft white light bulbs, making an amazing display for your collection. Additionally, the fridge has internal fan-forced circulation for even temperature distribution around the cabinet.

There are 16 removable wire wooden shelves for easy access to the stored wine collection. The Whynter BMR-1662SD has a single temperature zone which has a temperature range of 40 – 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The indicators are versatile with both Fahrenheit and Celsius degree temperature readings.

Cost: $$


Bodega 176 Bottles Wine Refrigerator with High-CapacityBest for Capacity

Bodega 176 Bottles Wine Refrigerator with High-Capacity

This Bodega wine cooler is a 24-inch refrigerator with a capacity of 176 (750 ml) wine bottles. It can be installed as a freestanding wine fridge or a built one that can be added to your home’s kitchen or bar section. The fridge is front vented and is rated as one of the best under-counter wine coolers by the customers.

Unlike the Kalamera freestanding wine refrigerator, the Bodega 176 bottle fridge comes with a double-layered glass door instead of a triple-layered glass. The two layers ensure the insulation of your wine collection from the outside air.

The temperature range for this unit is between 5-18 degrees Celsius (40 – 65 degrees Fahrenheit) and it lacks a dual temperature zone for storing multiple types of wine. You will get an intelligent touch control display that showcases the temperature and humidity data in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The Bodega 176-bottle cooler has sliding wooden and iron shelves that are sturdy and moisture-proof. They are easy to slide in and out for quick access and are customized to prevent any bottle from falling accidentally.

There is a safety cylinder lock with two keys to preventing unwanted access to your wine refrigerator. Moreover, the refrigerators are quiet enough to be placed in an open large space since the compressor sounds cannot be heard from a few feet.

Cost: $$$

Ivation 51 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler RefrigeratorBest for Compactness

Ivation 51 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator

The Ivation 51-bottle wine cooler has the smallest wine bottle capacity for our list. The compressor wine cooler is a large freestanding unit that is made to cool red wine, white wine, Champagne, and sparkling wine.

There is a built-in fan that ensures constant temperatures throughout without any interference from the outside environment. The UV-resistant double-paned glass door protects the wine from the sunlight and also ensures the interior is insulated.

At 75 pounds, the Ivation 51-bottle wine cooler measures 22.24 by 19.49 by 33.39 inches, making it a compact design for large wine refrigerators.

Noise levels are low at just 36 dBA which means you can place it in the middle of your kitchen or living area without any concern for noise pollution. It only comes with a freestanding feature and cannot be built in like most of the choices in this list.

The temperature range for the unit is 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit with the option of choosing between Celsius and Fahrenheit readings on the digital screen.

Cost: $

EdgeStar 141 Bottle 24″ Built in Dual Zone Double Door Wine Cooler

EdgeStar 141 Bottle 24 Built in Dual Zone Double Door Wine Cooler

With a 141-bottle capacity, this Edgestar wine cooler is 24 inches wide with a dual temperature zone for keeping different types of wine. The upper zone has a temperature range between 40 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit.

The lower temperature zone has a range of 54 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The capacity accommodates only 141 (750 ml) wine bottles but bigger bottles will fit if the shelves are removed.

The Edgestar weighs 238 pounds and has dimensions of 25.56 x 23.44 x 69.44 inches. You won’t have a problem with the installation of this product due to the built-in and freestanding design layout.

You will also have leveling legs to help you orient the fridge according to your preference. The safety lock ensures you never have to worry about the wrong people drinking your precious wine collection.

The frame is made of stainless steel and the fridge employs a contemporary, industrial, and modern design that will add ambiance to your open space. The removable shelves are made of steel to help you organize your collection neatly and prevent them from accidentally falling off.

The cooling type is a compressor and the R600A is the refrigerant used in the system. The fridge operates at a frequency of 60 Hertz, a standard number for its caliber.

As much as the Edgestar fridge is feature-packed, it lacks other enticing features like humidity control, adjustable shelves, a door alarm, and an automatic door closer.

Cost: $$$

Lanbo LW177S 171 bottle Compressor Single Zone Wine Cooler with Safety Lock

Lanbo LW177S 171 bottle Compressor Single Zone Wine Cooler with Safety Lock

The Lanbo 171-bottle wine refrigerator has a total of 15 wooden shelves and the installation type is a built-in design and also freestanding. The whole package is compact making it a suitable candidate to be placed under the counter. It has a larger front vent that allows for fast cooling and also helps in saving room in your open space.

Like most high-end wine coolers like these, the Lanbo comes with a double-paned glass door with UV protection. You will not have to worry about the sunlight degrading your wine and there is a white Led light for illumination of what is stored in the wine cooler.

The white LED is programmed to stay lit up to 10 minutes after closing the fridge door. The light will automatically turn off after 10 minutes.

Sadly, this efficient wine refrigerator only has a single temperature zone that has a temperature range between 41 to 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a smart digital touch control panel with the inclusion of a memory function.

One thing to beware of with the Lanbo LW177S is the storage capabilities. Bigger bottles like the Cabernet from Napa or Washington State won’t fit due to their bigger diameters and height.

You also cannot remove some shelves which will hinder the places in which you can squeeze in those precious large wine bottles.

Cost: $$

EdgeStar 101 Bottle 24″ Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler

EdgeStar 101 Bottle 24 Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler

This dual temperature zoned wine fridge has a weight of 190 pounds and measures 26.56 x 23.44 x 54.81 inches.

The design is compact enough t be built-in into your kitchen but can also act as a freestanding fridge. The 101 bottles are 750 ml standard bottles like the Bordeaux.

The lower and upper-temperature zones are controlled independently to store different wines, specifically red wine and white wine. The control is digital and is designed to ensure optimal cooling temperatures for the two wine types.

The fridge also has rubber brushed dampeners to dampen the vibrations coming from the cooling devices.

Cost: $$$

Lanbo LW165 Dual Zone Compressor Red Wine Cooler with Wooden Shelves, 160 Bottles

Lanbo LW165 Dual Zone Compressor Red Wine Cooler with Wooden Shelves

The Lanbo LW165D is rated as a highly efficient fridge that is 55% more energy efficient than the conventional large wine fridge of its size. The fridge also uses R600a, one of the most environmentally friendly refrigerants. The fridge will help you save on your next electric bill while still maintaining your wine collection at the most optimal temperatures.

It comes with a special UV-protected double-paned tinted glass door. The dual temperature zones are used to maintain the ideal serving temperature for your various wine types. Moreover, the unit comes with continual fresh airflow with the help of carbon filters which ensure fresh air circulates throughout the cabinet.

The noise level for this fridge is 45 dBA which is a nit higher than other fridges in this list that have the noise levels at just 36 dBA. The Lanbo LW165D also has a white LED for lighting that turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Cost: $$

Allavino YHWR99-2BRN 99 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cellar Refrigerator

Allavino YHWR99-2BRN 99 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cellar Refrigerator

The Allavino YHWR99-2BRN closes our list of the best large wine refrigerator due to its mid-range specifications and design. It has a middle ground capacity of 99 bottles and is equipped with the essentials of any large wine fridge.

There are eight durable wooden shelves that run on ball-bearing tracks for easy and quick access to your entire collection. The standard fan-forced cooling allows for a more even cooling in the upper-temperature zone and the lower zone.

The tinted glass door also has UV protection to further lengthen the life span of your entire collection. The downside to this unit is the shelves which are extremely difficult to remove. You may adjust them with a few tools but be cautious since some customers have broken theirs.

Cost: $$

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