TCM Wine Club Review: Classic Film-Lifestyle Experiences

Do you enjoy classic films? TCM wine club goes the extra mile to make your movie night more fun and relaxed with exquisite wines. This wine club features collectible movie-themed wines.

Discovering movie pairings and curated wines from small states worldwide made easy and fun.

TCM wine club partners with Wines That Rock, the pop culture wine company, and Direct Wines (trading as Laithwaite’s Wine), specializing in direct-to-consumer partnerships to create a wine club that meets the needs of wine enthusiasts and film buffs.

But is it worth it? Does it offer value for money, and should you join? Find out all the answers in this TCM wine club review, including membership plans and benefits, how to join, and wine collection and brands.

Let’s dive in.

TCM Wine Club Overview

TCM Wine Club Overview
Quality of wine
Price of wine
Wine curation
Satisfaction guarantee
Customer Service
Wine Education


  • Collectible movie-themed wines
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Timely delivery
  • Huge discounts on club plans
  • An attractive introductory offer


  • Not great for gifting
  • Poor customer service record

What is TCM Wine Club

What is TCM Wine Club

To create the TCM wine club, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) partners with Wines that Rock and Laithwaite’s Wine, a leading service provider in the direct-to-consumer wine industry.

This wine club was launched in 2015 to curate originally produced wines inspired by classic movies and high-quality varietals from popular vineyards around the globe with the convenience of home delivery. Professional sommeliers expertly select the wines to give wine enthusiasts and film buffs amazing classic film-lifestyle experiences.

New members receive fifteen special bottles in the introductory offer for $79.99 plus $19.99 shipping and tax. After that, members will receive twelve bottles of movie-themed wines that TCM wine club experts handpick for $149.99 plus $19.99 shipping and tax. Members are allowed to skip selections or cancel anytime.

Each shipment contains wines paired with movies that will be viewed on the TCM TV channel for the next three months. This wine club offers value-priced wines and chooses the best films that go along with specific wines.

Joining the club is quite easy and allows members to personalize their selections. For example, if you like only reds or whites, there is that option. You can also choose a mixture of the two.

The movie and wine pairing are created to enhance your viewing pleasure. Each package includes background information on the wines and the winemakers, food pairings, and vineyards. The packages are shipped every quarter.

How To Join TCM Wine Club

TCM wine club offers a personalized joining process. They make it easy, all you need is to choose what you like (see screenshots below), and they put together cases that are just right for you. The good news, you get to view the wines.

The next step requires you to provide your shipping and billing details. Then proceed to place your order. Quite straightforward.

Here are the wines I received in my introductory offer.

  • Summer Movies Malbec
  • David Niven Viognier
  • Harold Lloyd Petite Sirah
  • Pillastro Primitive Puglia 2019
  • De Loach Chardonnay 2019
  • Vina Baccana Pinot Grigio 2019 (2 bottles)
  • Tikohi Sauvignon Blanc 2020
  • Dark Corner Durif Shiraz 2020
  • Stones & Bones 2019
  • Le Bordeaux de Tour du Roch Milon 2018
  • Rustler Chenin Blanc 2020 (2 bottles)
  • Silver Puffs Sauvignon Blanc 2014
  • Rabbit Island Sauvignon Blanc 2017

TCM offers 12 expertly chosen superb wines plus 3 classic bonus wines for $79.99.

Key Details of TCM Wine Club

TCM wine club brings together two amazing pleasures-it creates a more relaxed movie night by pairing wines with classic movies. Here are more details of the TCM wine club that you should know before joining.

Wine Club Plan and Membership Benefits

TCM wine club comes with a very attractive introductory offer that features 12 expertly selected wines worldwide plus 3 bonus classic movie wines (worth $58.97). You receive 15 wine bottles for $79.99 plus a $19.99 shipping and tax fee. You all get additional movie pairings and tasting notes for each wine.

After that, you automatically receive 12 selected wines, delivered to you every 3 months at $149.99 plus $19.99 shipping and tax fees. In addition, members enjoy a 20% discount.

If you do not enjoy TCM wine club wines for any reason, the club offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In addition, if you do not like a specific bottle of wine, they promise to replace it with something you want.

And if you are not completely satisfied with the wines for whatever reasons, they will refund you in full. All you need is to contact them.

Besides, the club offers full control to the members; you can skip cases, delay deliveries, change wine preferences, and edit your billing details.

Wine Selection and Brands

TCM Wine Selection and Brands

TCM wine club selects wines from a large collection that comes from Laithwaites Wine. Moreover, TCM wine experts curate wine to pair with its movies, providing extra scrutiny to the selection.

Every case comes with movie-themed wines, from classic Hollywood –inspired labels to the Essentials. In addition, they aim to showcase the world’s traditional grape varieties around the world.

Besides, they also include limited–production specials from outstanding small wineries around the world.

The introductory offer includes award-winning wines from Tuscany, Bordeaux, Argentina, and other famous wineries.

Each shipment contains wines paired with TCM movies to air in the next three months.

We received a mix of reds and whites in our introductory package, and the wines were of high quality. The wines were quite good and enjoyable.

However, we noted that all the wines provided by TCM wine club are available through other Laithwaites Wine clubs at the same pricing at TCM.

Wine Education

TCM Wine Education

TCM wine club does a good job when it comes to educating you on where the wines come from and why they should be paired with certain movies.

Each shipment comes with information on each wine you receive, including tasting notes, the region, food pairing suggestions, the vintage, recommended movies, and why it is paired with that movie.

Gift Option

TCM wine club is not a good gift option. They only offer an ongoing subscription and no gift options. However, you can opt to gift someone from your first shipment but cancel your next shipment on time. You will need to use your shipping and billing address to receive the wines and deliver the gift at your own convenience.

TCM provides members with reminders on upcoming shipments, and you can be able to cancel anytime.

Cancellation Policy

Canceling your subscription is just a click away.

If you do not want to receive TCM wines anymore, you can cancel your membership by calling them on 1-800-649-4637, and they will be happy to assist.

In case you have too many piled wines, you can skip a delivery by the next three months. In addition, you can delay your package by up to 4 weeks so that it arrives at your convenience.

Shipping and Delivery

TCM wine club currently ships to 43 states in the US. Licensed retailers in the industry ship all orders, and applicable taxes may apply.

All packages attract a $19.99 shipping fee -up to 15 bottles. However, you can subscribe to Laithwaite’s unlimited shipping service for an annual fee of $89. Thus, each case ships free. To subscribe, go to TCM wine club and click ‘unlimited for details.’

Delivery Times

TCM wine club ships 12 bottles of wine each quarter. But, you can skip or delay deliveries at any time. They also offer two special extra cases annually, one for holidays and one for the summer.

You can skip the next case by three months or delay up to 4 weeks.

All home deliveries should be signed by someone at least 21 years old, according to federal law. If you are not home to sign for the package, you can utilize the FedEx Hold Location service available for FedEx Home and FedEx Ground packages.

Once you receive your FedEx tracking number, you can select where your package should be held.

TCM wine club does not provide information on how fast the orders are shipped after placing your order.

Can You Swap Wines/Hold in Your Shipment

TCM wine club allows you to choose the color of your wines (reds, whites, or a mix) and how frequently you receive shipments.

However, you cannot change the frequency of shipments; you can only skip or delay your shipments.

How To File a Damage Claim

If you receive a damaged or defective case, you should notify TCM wine club customer service within 30 days for a full refund or a replacement.

When you contact customer service, you are issued with Return Authorization Number(RA#). Here are the steps to file a damage claim.

  • Contact customer service –include your order confirmation number, name, email address, phone number, item UPC, product name, and reason for return
  • Fill out the return label, which is provided at the back of your invoice. Include your RA#
  • Enclose the product, completed form, and the invoice in the original package or any sturdy package
  • Send the package to TCM wine club

Is TCM Wine Club Right For You?

Is TCM Wine Club Right For You

TCM wine club offers a fun and unique experience; the only wine club that pairs wines with movies. With a huge collection of collectible movie-themed wines, you get to enjoy your dinner or house party nights more.

The wines are quite enjoyable, and Laithwaites Wine offers a huge selection, from award-winning wines to boutique-handpicked wines.

Besides, you get value for money with 12 bottles every three months with a 100% money-back guarantee. You also get to delay or skip shipments and cancel at any time.

TCM Wine Club Real Customer Reviews

TCM wine club has received much positive feedback online. Customers are impressed with their introductory offer, movie-themed wines, pricing, and shipping policy.

Here is what some customers had to say.

Love the wines I’m sent every 3 months! Always a variety, and if you don’t like a wine, you can tell Laithwaithe, and you won’t pay for it.

I used to like TCM wine club and other purchases from Laithwaites, but the last two shipments have been California wines, which I am not a fan of. Bring back the Italian, Spain, Portugal, France – they were much better for me

Cheers 🍷to classic movies and delicious wines. Merci to @tcmwineclub for making wine dreams come true.

Who Should Join TCM

TCM wine club is suitable for both wine enthusiasts and movie lovers. This wine club has something extra going on. It provides you with 12 bottles of exquisite movie-themed wines for $149.99 every 3 months. You get to enjoy wines that are inspired by movies for the next quarter.

In addition, if you are looking for a large collection of wines at an affordable price, the TCM wine club is a good place to start. It offers a wide selection of award-winning wines, top wineries, and boutique wines.

Who Should Not Join TCM

If you are looking for a more personalized wine club, TCM wine club may not be right for you. It only allows you to choose between whites, reds, or a mix. You don’t get to swap the wines in your order, and TCM selects wines in every case.

Also, if you take less than four bottles a month, the TCM wine club may be too overwhelming, and you may not be able to finish your bottles before the next shipment.

Finally, if you are looking for wines from specific vineyards, the TCM wine club will not work for you. Instead, it offers a wide selection of wines from around the world.

Alternative Wine Clubs

While TCM wine club is the only wine club that pairs movies to wines, various alternative clubs offer better value for money for the wines and a personalized process.

Firstleaf is our top choice that offers a personalized sign-up process that allows you to choose your preferences. In addition, it has an algorithm-based system that helps curate a palate that suits each individual. It also allows members to swap their wines before shipment if they don’t like what the system has chosen.

The premier wine club of California is a perfect alternative to the TCM wine club, especially if you are looking for fewer bottles of wine and wines from small wineries. Premier offers two bottles or four bottles subscription monthly,bi-monthly or quarterly.

They provide small production wines at exceptional prices. Besides, it is perfect as a gift option. They offer great gift presentations, and you can have the gift mailed directly to your gift recipient. On top of wines, you get additional gifts, including a deluxe corkscrew and bottle stopper.


TCM wine club is unique in that TCM is involved in selecting wines, and each shipment includes wines paired with movies that will be airing in the next three months after you receive the shipment.

And if you are looking for a value-priced wine club, TCM wine club offers excellent affordable prices and has something extra going on.

Besides, your first shipment will include three extra movie-themed bottles and a 100% money-back guarantee. But, of course, you can always cancel at any time.

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