Greenvale Vineyards Wine Tours Guide

Greenvale Vineyards, located along the beautiful Sakonnet River, has been dedicated to quality wine growing since 1982. Owned by the same family since 1863, the vineyard’s 100% Estate Grown fruit and award-winning wines are nurtured by an idyllic setting, rich history and commitment to the preservation of open space.

Greenvale Vineyards
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Located 6 miles from downtown Newport. Open year round. Live jazz series begins the first Saturday in May and continues through to the second Saturday in December. Listed on the National and State Registers of Historic Places.

582 Wapping Road
Portsmouth, RI 02871
[email protected]

Open Daily for Tours & Tastings
January – March: Monday – Saturday 11am-4pm
Sundays 12pm-4pm
April – December: Monday – Saturday 10am-5pm
Sundays 12pm-5pm
Vineyard Tours @ 2pm (weather providing)

Types Of Wine To Find At Greenvale Vineyards

Types Of Wine To Find At Greenvale Vineyards 1
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Types Of Wine To Find At Greenvale Vineyards 2
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Types Of Wine To Find At Greenvale Vineyards 3
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Types Of Wine To Find At Greenvale Vineyards 4
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Greenvale Vineyards has one of the most sophisticated selections of fine wines from Rhode Island. From the bottles of Vermouth and Chardonnay as well as others, they produce some of the most high-class wine you could travel there for.

Whether you want something sweet, dry, or somewhere in between Greenvale Vineyards will have the perfect mixture for your tastes.

The best wines we recommend tasting during your visit, if you’re not opting into a wine tasting session, are:

  • For white wine lovers – Vidal Blanc
  • For red wine experts – Greenvale Meritage
  • If you prefer rose wine – Pinot Gris Ramato

Greenvale Vineyards features wines in a number of different flavors, and aromas, and, to sum up, as with any other wine, it is important to find one that suits your taste buds and personality.

Take a trip over to Greenvale’s tasting room to make the most of your trip.

Do Greenvale Vineyards Offer Wine Tasting On Week Days?

Do Greenvale Vineyards Offer Wine Tasting On Week Days 1
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Do Greenvale Vineyards Offer Wine Tasting On Week Days 2
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Do Greenvale Vineyards Offer Wine Tasting On Week Days 3
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Greenvale Vineyards’ tasting room is open on weekends in winter and every day in summer and you’ll be able to taste their most delicious bottles.

Note that, while they offer wine tasting sessions until 5 PM most of the year, they open it until sunset on both Fridays and Saturdays from April through December.

Needless to say, that’s definitely a factor to consider when traveling there.

It’s important to note that, due to the Covid-19 regulations, Greenvale Vineyards isn’t taking bookings. Also, the maximum group capacity is currently 8 and, if you bring your own blankets, they increase the number to 15.

All in all, the vineyard is the right place to visit when in Rhode Island, whether you’re a wine amateur, expert, or if you simply want to spend a great time as a couple or family.

What Makes Greenvale Vineyards Stand Out?

What Makes Greenvale Vineyards Stand Out
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What makes Greenvale Vineyards stand out from other wineries is the ability to create a wine that is affordable for its incredible quality as well as providing a space to enjoy at any time of the year.

But, apart from that, they have food trucks around serving delicious treats such as pizza and donuts to enjoy after a superb wine tasting session.

In addition, the winery is dog-friendly which is a great feature for owners willing to visit the greenery around.

In conclusion, Greenvale Vineyards & Winery is certainly one of the most beautiful and pleasant places to visit in Rhode Island.

What Is The Wine Club Like At Greenvale Vineyards?

Just like most wineries, Greenvale Vineyards has a wine club and they offer many benefits included in their membership.

First of all, the membership is completely free of charge and you’ll be notified of every quarterly wine release date to personalize your bottles.

Secondly, you’ll get a 15% discount on all bottles of wine including the ones you purchase following a wine tasting session.

Moreover, you will have access to live Jazz shows every Saturday inviting 1 extra guest not part of the wine member club.

Of course, there are many other benefits such as complimentary tasting sessions and more that will make you fall in love with the winery as well as the staff.

Private Events At Greenvale Vineyards

Private Events At Greenvale Vineyards 1
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Private Events At Greenvale Vineyards 2
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Greenvale Vineyards has a large tasting room that can accommodate multiple groups at the same time providing insights on top of the degustation.

They also have an outdoor patio area for private events. This is a great location for receptions, business meetings, or other types of gatherings.

There are two options available to rent- Greenvale’s Winery Pavilion or The Barrel House Patio Area. Both come with table service, so you and your guests don’t have to worry about finding wine glasses on their own.

Greenvale Vineyards has multiple choices with regards to food, ranging from pizzas to sandwiches to Greek or even Mexican delicacies for lunch and dinner.

All in all, if you’re planning a day out with your group of friends or family, the winery is certainly one of the nicest treats you should consider.

Nearest Hotels To Greenvale Vineyards

You will find a number of hotels where you can spend the night near Greenvale Vineyards and you’ll be able to reach all of them in 10 minutes by car.

While most of the properties are modest, we’ve researched the best ones in terms of quality and price.

If you are looking for something on the more luxurious side, then “Holiday Inn Express Newport North”  is the place for you. With exceptional customer service and fantastic amenities, it is relaxing and refreshing.

A little further to the winery, but still within easy driving distance, there is another option that should be considered – Homewood Suites by Hilton Newport Middletown. Beautiful and modern rooms, great facilities, and very helpful staff.

This hotel has plenty of amenities including free wireless internet access, comfortable rooms, and modern interior decor with an ocean view.

Lastly, you should take into consideration the more luxurious “The Newport Harbor Hotel and Marina”. They have a pool, superb rooms to relax after a wine tasting session, and a restaurant to have a delicious meal after coming back from the vineyard.

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Should You Visit Greenvale Vineyards?

Greenvale Vineyards has something for everyone, including great customer service and a wide variety of wine options. Whether you are planning a private event or just looking to enjoy some time out with the whole family, it is an ideal travel destination.

Also, they have a large tasting room and patio area in addition to the picturesque outdoor scenery. This is also a great experience for those that are interested In wine tasting or learning more about how wines are made.

The vineyard has a wide range of wine sampling options, whether you want to try new varieties each time or stick with your all-time favorites. No matter what type of wine you enjoy, Greenvale Vineyards should be at the top of your list when seeking places to visit in Rhode Island.

Our Take On Greenvale Vineyards

Our Take On Greenvale Vineyards
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With all the above in mind, they have some of the most sophisticated wine you’ll be able to taste and the tasting room is just as authentic and beautiful as it gets.

You can also bring in your own picnic and snacks and this is surely something to keep in mind when traveling with your family or friends.

In conclusion, if you are in Rhode Island, be sure to stop by Greenvale Vineyards on your trip down the East coast of America and experience this one-of-a-kind adventure to remember.

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