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Founded by John & Paul Nunes in 1995, Newport Vineyards is the largest grower of wine grapes in New England. The winery produces over 30,000 cases of estate-grown wine each year through sustainable farming methods on over 100 acres of historically preserved farmland.

newport vineyards
Coastal Wine Trail Credit: @newportvines

Recognized as a landmark destination in Newport County, the winery offers multiple experiences including: daily tours and tastings, Brix Restaurant, Taproot Brewing Co. specializing in small-batch craft beer, a marketplace, event venues, seasonal live music and public activities.

909 East Main Rd. (Rte. 138)
Middletown, RI 02842
[email protected]

Open 7 Days A Week Year Round
Winery Tours Sunday through Friday at 1pm and 3pm

Please visit the Newport Vineyards website for tasting room hours.

Types Of Wine To Find At Newport Vineyards

Types Of Wine To Find At Newport Vineyards 1
Coastal Wine Trail Credit: @newportvines
Types Of Wine To Find At Newport Vineyards 2
Coastal Wine Trail Credit: @newportvines
Types Of Wine To Find At Newport Vineyards 3
Coastal Wine Trail Credit: @newportvines

The grapes used for making these wines have a rich flavor to them as well as being very sweet. They also have their own unique smell and might need aging before consumption because they taste better after maturing.

Newport Vineyards have different types of red wines in this category which include Merlot and Rochambeau red wines, Pinot Grigio and Gewurztraminer white wines, and, of course, their specialty bottles.

Other than this, there is the musky citrus flavor that comes from this wine since it has a tropical flavor after maturing for many years.

Specialty wines are mostly used on special occasions because they taste better when served during weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries.

They come in different colors like pink and have a delicious fizz to them as well as great fruity flavors.

That is to say, these are the wines that you can’t miss at Newport Vineyards:

  • Landot Noir
  • Dry Riesling
  • Rich Port Wine
  • Cabernet Franc

Apart from that, they also serve high-quality beer and ciders to enjoy with their dishes at the restaurant.

As you can see, there are many types of wine that you can choose from and experiment on it to see which one tastes better for you.

There is also the option of buying a bundle to be able to take an incredible memory back home as a gift to friends and family.

Do Newport Vineyards Offer Wine Tasting On Weekdays?

With the incredible selection that Newport Vineyards offers, you might want to indulge in a wine tasting session during the week.

Well, the wine tasting sessions at Newport Vineyards are open on Saturdays at 1 pm, 2 pm, and 3 pm.

In addition, they’re also open on both Fridays and Sundays at 1 pm and 3 pm.

For only $17, you will be able to taste 5 of their most delicious and sophisticated wines as well as a complimentary one that varies on daily choice.

Needless to say, these will be the best $17 you get to spend in California.

What Makes Newport Vineyards Stand Out?

Newport Vineyard is popular for different reasons and activities.

With tours being offered regularly at scheduled times or walk-ins anytime throughout the week and weekend. That being said, while some of their best activities are currently restricted due to the pandemic, we can go through them all as they are simply impressive.

Bake Shop Weekends

Bake Shop Weekends
Coastal Wine Trail Credit: @newportvines

Fresh bread, pies, and treats are prepared on-site by their team. The bakeshop events are organized every weekend from 11 AM to combine delicious snacks with their award-winning wine.

Mid-Summer Fire Dinners

Mid-Summer Fire Dinners
Coastal Wine Trail Credit: @newportvines

The dinners at Newport Vineyards are just as impressive as their wines. Their private Chef Andy Teixeira and his team prepare a 5-course menu for the visitors and the food will be served with beer and wine while overlooking the vines.

While this is quite an expensive treat ($120 + tax and gratuity), it is most definitely an experience not to miss at Newport Vineyards in Rhode Island on Wednesday evening.

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Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival
Coastal Wine Trail Credit: @newportvines

The Annual Harvest Festival at Newport Vineyards is one of the events not to miss in October. During 2 days, you’ll be able to indulge in their wine and beer tasting and have fun stomping their grapes.

Apart from that, they also host a Grape Stomp Competition and a Pie Eating Contest. Of course, all the activities happening during the Harvest Festival will be overlooking the vines, making it even more unique.

Double Point Sundays

Double Point Sundays
Coastal Wine Trail Credit: @newportvines

Every Sunday, Newport Vineyards host their Double Point Sundays where Club Members will be able to earn double the points when purchasing anything onsite.

This is a great opportunity to gain more points while sipping on your favorite wine on a Sunday.

Lastly, Newport Vineyard is also known for its jazz music series…they have concerts in June and July. But they also offer several special events throughout the year including yoga and its complimentary wine tasting session (early morning).

They also host the farmers’ market where you’ll have the chance to discover the most exquisite Californian delicacies.

Note that some of these events have been, rightfully so, canceled or delayed due to COVID-19, and the future dates and schedules are not available just yet.

Can You Organize Your Own Picnic?

While organizing your own picnic is a popular and great idea when traveling with family and friends, it isn’t, unfortunately, possible at Newport Vineyards.

In fact, since they have two restaurants on-site (they are called Taproot and Brix) that are open for both lunch and dinner, outside food and beverages aren’t allowed.

Where To Eat Around Newport Vineyards?

If you’re willing to snack small bites before dinner, these are available at their Restaurant Taproot. From their popular cheese board to delicious baked Brie and even sea salt Pretzels, you’re in for a treat.

Taproot restaurant is currently open from 11 AM to 6 PM on Sundays through Thursdays and from 11 AM to 8 PM on Fridays and Saturdays.

It is important to note that, while Taproot is open daily, Brix is currently closed due to the pandemic. If you’re planning a visit to Newport Vineyards, we recommend you contact them before coming.

Nearest Hotels To Newport Vineyards

Whether you’re coming from another state or if you simply want to spend the night in Newport after a pleasant wine tasting session, these are the best hotels near the winery.

Take a look at the hotels we’ve selected near Newport Vineyards. Not only will you find luxury accommodations, but also more affordable ones while still being enjoyable.

East Island Reserve Hotel

  • Address: 985 E Main Rd, Middletown, Rhode Island

Located right outside of Newport Vineyards (about 0,1 mile), East Island Reserve Hotel offers guests access to its pool, comfortable apartments, a view of the farmland, and free WiFi.

Additionally, rooms come with a full kitchen/living area so this may be a better choice for those who plan on cooking their own meals or staying in longer than 1 night.

Hampton Inn & Suites Newport/Middletown

  • Address: 317 W Main Rd, Middletown, Rhode Island

Another hotel close to the city center and Newport Vineyards is the Hampton Inn & Suites in Newport, about 2 miles from the winery.

Perfect for both couples and families and offering a continental breakfast in the morning, this well-located property will certainly disappoint. Also, they have a swimming pool to enjoy during the hot summer days.

A short drive will get you into town or to several nearby attractions. All in all, cleanliness, delicious food and great location are what describe this hotel best.

Newport Marriott

  • Address: 25 America’s Cup Ave, Newport, Rhode Island

While located a little further away from the winery, Newport Marriott is only less than 5 miles away.

They are right in the city center and on the harbor which will make your stay no less than impressive whether you visit during the summer or the rest of the year.

The beautiful unusual decor of the property, their incredible bar and customer service, and, lastly, their modern and well-equipped room and valet service will make your stay worth the price.

Our Take On Newport Vineyards

Our Take On Newport Vineyards
Coastal Wine Trail Credit: @newportvines

All in all, considering both the location, the quality of their wine, and the city of Newport, we highly consider visiting Newport Vineyards.

From the delicious restaurants that deserve to be tasted to the special events such as the farmers’ market and yoga sessions, without mentioning the wine tasting, you’re in for a treat.

To conclude, this is simply one of the best places to visit in Rhode Island for both wine amateurs and experts.

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