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The 6 Best Champagnes for Mimosas (2022 Update)

If you’re bored with your current choice of brunch drinks, it might be time to spice things up a bit. Have you ever tried a chilled Mimosa? Few daytime drinks are as refreshing as a tall Mimosa made with some good Champagne and your citrus juice of choice.

If you’re thinking of serving these bubbly marvels at your next brunch, you might be wondering what’s the best Champagne for Mimosas? Today’s article will answer that question and we’ll also share a few tips that will have you making the best Mimosas in no time! Keep reading for all the Mimosa tips you’ll ever need!

A Touch of Class to Any Occasion

Mimosa is the perfect brunch drink. The addition of a quality Champagne gives it a crispy, bubbly appearance. It’s lighter than wine and pairs well with whatever’s on the brunch menu. Before we share the best bubbly choices to make the tastiest Mimosa, let’s cover the basics.

What Exactly is a Mimosa?

What Exactly is a Mimosa

For those who don’t know, a Mimosa is an orange drink, ordinarily made with equal parts of orange juice and champagne. Since the combination of the champagne and the orange juice resemble the color of a Mimosa plant with yellow flowers, the drink was named after the plant.

While the author Alfred Hitchcock often claims to have invented the Mimosa, it was actually created in 1925. A barman began serving this drink when guests wanted a breakfast drink that had a touch of alcohol.

Mimosas have since become a popular breakfast or brunch drink. They’re also a popular choice at weddings, Christmas lunches or New Years Parties. Guests who enjoy a light drink with a touch of alcohol rather than a heavy wine enjoy Mimosas the most!

While they’re usually served in champagne flutes, it’s not uncommon to serve them in any other glasses with decorations of sliced fruit. If you don’t want a tall glass of this delicious drink, simply serve it in smaller glasses. The juice to Champagne ratio remains the same, no matter the size of the glass.

What do Mimosas Taste Like?

Traditionally, a Mimosa is made of equal parts of Champagne and orange juice, which means you’ll experience a drink that tastes very much like a cocktail. Mimosas where you’ve opted to add more fruit juice, will taste more like a fruit punch.

If you prefer a Champagne-heavy drink, you’ll taste Champagne with a mild citrus spritz. There’s no real hard and fast rule about which option is the perfect one. It’s a matter of personal choice!

The Best Mimosa Ingredients

Mimosas are so simple to make, it’s no wonder they’re many people’s brunch or party go-to drink! There are also tons of recipes, each claiming to be the best version of this popular drink. The truth is, with a Mimosa, simple is definitely better.

While some modern twists on an old classic might call on you to add liqueur or Cointreau, trust us when we tell you, it’s not necessary. Why mess with a classic? You need only two ingredients for the perfect Mimosa:

  • Champagne: Any affordable bubbly will do. Keep reading for a list of the best options.
  • Orange juice: Fresh, cold orange juice is the best option for a classic Mimosa. It’s important for the orange juice to be pulp-free otherwise it’s just messy.

If you’re not a fan of orange juice, you can alternate the orange with apple, pear or even pineapple juice. As long as the juice is chilled, it’ll work!

The Best Champagnes to Use in a Mimosa

The Best Champagnes to Use in a Mimosa
Coastal Wine Trail Credit: @drinksonme_oc

It might seem that a cocktail with only two ingredients is impossible to mess up with the wrong Champagne. But the difference between an average option and the best choice is in the taste.

Traditionally, Mimosas are made with dry Champagnes or sparkling wines. Dry options mix well with the sweetness of the juice. If you prefer sweet Champagnes, it’s important to consider the sweetness factor.

A sweet orange juice mixed with a sweet Champagne might be too overwhelming, especially if your brunch includes sweet dishes. We’ve listed a few of the best Champagne options to make your Mimosas simply delicious.

Mumm Napa Brut Prestige

Mumm Napa Brut Prestige is a popular choice for Mimosas because it’s light and crispy. It’s a high-quality bubbly that adds an alluring aroma of melon and citrus. It’s a great complement to the orange juice.

Since Brut is made up of a mix of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, it features a crisp flavor that balances the mild acidity. This champagne works well as a Mimosa and pairs equally well with any brunch meal. With the many different Brut options available, you can never go wrong with any of them!

Veuve Clicquot Demi-Sec

If you prefer a sweeter Champagne, there’s the Demi-sec type of Champagnes. Demi-sec Champagnes often feature a sugar content between 30 to 50g per liter. One of the more popular Demi-Sec options for Mimosas is the Veuve Clicquot Demi-Sec.

Since it’s not as dry as the Brut variants it features tasting notes of biscuit, fruit and honey. It’s a wonderful pairing for a brunch that features salty dishes as it creates the perfect balance.

Cinzano Asti Spumante

Looking for a bubbly with a slightly less alcohol content than your average Champagne? Then Cinzano Asti Spumante is well worth considering. It’s the perfect option to add to your Mimosas without having to worry about too much alcohol in your drink.

Produced in Italy, this sparkler is made from Moscato grapes, giving it a floral aroma that pairs well with orange juice and just about anything on your brunch table!

Bisol Crede Prosecco

Choosing an organically grown dry Prosecco is the ideal option if you want extra bubbles! Additional bubbles make it a great choice for a Mimosa being served as a party drink. Bisol Crede Prosecco also has a lower alcohol level meaning there’ll be no afternoon headaches after your brunch!

Mistinguett Cava

Many people believe Cava and Prosecco are the same things. The real difference though is that Cava is fermented in the bottle using different grapes. As a sparkling wine, Cava has enough tasty bubbles to make it an ideal option for your Mimosa drink! The most popular Cava for Mimosas is often Mistinguett.

Blanc de Blancs

Blanc de Blancs
Coastal Wine Trail Credit: @rieslingpinotmaniac

If you’re looking for a Champagne with a creamy palate, a Blanc de Blancs is the perfect option. This lovely bubbly provides a fresh, crisp grape flavor that pairs well with the tangy citrus taste of your orange juice.

Aromas of toast, tropical fruits and brioche make this an elegant addition to your Mimosa. For guests who prefer to exclude the juice, this Champagne is perfect to drink on its own, even at brunch!

The Ultimate Secret to Making an Awesome Mimosa

As we’ve mentioned before, there are only two ingredients in this delicious drink. But there are a few tips to getting the taste as crisp and refreshing as possible.

  • The chill factor: Warm Mimosas are quite bland and boring. Ensure that your Champagne and orange juice is chilled for a few hours before making the drinks.
  • The right glasses: Traditionally Mimosas are served in Champagne flutes because the glass’s tall design retains the bubbles. Alternatively, wine glasses can also be used. It’s not uncommon though for people to use regular tall glasses if you really have no alternative. An expert tip here would be to chill the glasses beforehand.
  • The right order: Always pour the Champagne in first to avoid having the bubbly flow over when you add the juice. Your ratio is 50/50.
  • The right angle: When you pour the Champagne, always hold your glass at a slightly tilted angle. Doing this will help preserve carbonation (keep the bubbles from going flat). Pour the juice in slowly until the glass is almost full.
  • No stirring: Always remember you aren’t making coffee. There’s no need for stirring! If you pour the juice slowly, your drink will mix itself at the perfect rate.
  • Decorations: Some people prefer their Mimosas plain and simple which means a chilled drink in a chilled glass. If however, you want to add a touch of flair to your drink, there are a few options you can try. The most popular way is to dress the rim of your glasses with a twisted orange slice.
  • Serve quickly: Serve the drinks as quickly as possible or they’ll start warming up.

Some Fun Alternatives to the Classic Mimosa

If you’re serving brunch and planning to serve Mimosas, always do some research of your guests. Some people enjoy a good bubbly but don’t drink orange juice. If this is the case, you can always add a twist to the old classic by changing the juice you use.

No matter what juice you use, always follow the steps above. It goes without saying that the color of your drink will be different if you change the juice.

Popular Mimosa variations include the following:

  • Poinsettia Mimosa: Made with Champagne and cranberry juice
  • Bellini Mimosa: Made with Champagne and peach puree
  • Megmosa: Made with Champagne and grapefruit juice

Other juices that work well with Champagne include apple cider, pear, pomegranate and even pineapple.

If you’re offering different juice varieties, a rule of thumb is to have twice as much orange juice on hand as other types. Since classic Mimosas feature orange juice, that’s how most people enjoy them!

If you want to impress your guests, create a Mimosa bar with different juice options available. Remember to have a place where the Champagne, juices and glasses can be chilled!

Best Brunch Options with Mimosas

To make your brunch a memorable palate experience, you should pair your Mimosa drinks with the right type of food or snacks. Champagne options with extra bubbles mixed with tangy orange juice pair well with salty dishes like bacon and savory quiche.

Some other popular brunch ideas that pair well with Mimosas include the following:

  • Eggs Benedict
  • Breakfast casserole
  • Breakfast pizza
  • Mixed fruit salad
  • Continental breakfast

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Final Thought

Whether you’re planning a brunch, having dinner or just feel like having a refreshing drink, Mimosa is a wonderful option to consider. Aside from being cheap and easy to make it also doesn’t contain many calories.

Choosing a Champagne option with a low alcohol content means you can safely enjoy a few chilled Mimosas without feeling hungover in the afternoon. With the bubbly options we’ve listed, it’ll be super easy for you to find the best Champagne for your next Mimosa!

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