20 Best Things You Can Do In Truro MA

Truro is a small lovely town in Massachusetts that features a lot of interesting things. If you plan to spend your holiday in Truro, MA, then, you have made a good decision.

This place is known for its naturalness, beauty, and adventure. In Truro, you get to enjoy nice restaurants, hotels, beaches, and more.

Although Truro, MA is a small town, there are a lot of activities you will enjoy. Known as a summer vacation community, this town is a serene environment with great views.

In this article, we would be discussing 20 things you can do during your stay in Truro, MA. If you are visiting Truro, MA for the first time and you are confused about what to do, this article will help you.

Things to do In Truro

Visit the Beaches

Corn Hill Beach
Coastal Wine Trail Credit: @jeeptography_adventures

There are several beaches in Truro, MA. Corn Hill Beach, Longnook beach, and Coast Guard beach are examples of beaches in this small town. Some beaches in Truro are suitable for large groups or families. What would vacation in Truro look like without exploring the beaches in Truro? If you are having a vacation in Truro, do make sure you visit the beach.

The beaches in this town are some of the nicest places you have got to explore. Most beaches in Truro are wide and long. There are a lot of activities you can get involved in when you visit a beach in Truro, Ma.

Go Swimming at Great Pond

Swimming at the great pond in Truro, Ma gives you a remarkable experience. You can take a dip in this pond and have fun. If you need a calm place where you enjoy peace, the Great Pond is a suitable place. This pond is located in South Truro. One of the reasons why this place remains calm is due to the fact that it is located between Wellfleet and Truro.

You will never regret visiting Great Pond if you do. The calm water and the naturalness in this place leave you in awe. Since there are a few spaces for vehicles to park, this place doesn’t get crowded.

Visit the Museums

The museums in Truro are some of the best places to be. Truro, Ma features three museums where you can learn about the history of this small town. Here, you will get to know many interesting things about Truro.

The first lighthouse in Cape Cod is Highland Light. The lighthouse’s top offers visitors great views of the Cape Cod National Seashore.

The Cobb Archive is the first public library in Truro. The library which contains historical documents was established in 1912. The Truro Highland House Museum is another museum that houses many artifacts from the European settlers in the early times.

Have fun at the Inn and Suites

Sandbars Inn
Coastal Wine Trail Credit: @beachtreeproperties

Truro has several inns and suites for travelers. Some inns and suites offer discount lodging and as such, helps you to reduce your trip spending.

If you are on a vacation, it is advisable you lodge in Inn and Suites as you get to enjoy more benefits. Inn and suites are alternative accommodations for those who want to save more money.

Some inns and suites offer breakfast options with great amenities. The Sandbars Inn is a good example of such inns. You don’t have to spend too much to get good accommodation in Truro. Some inns and suites provide special packages for lodgers.

Fish in the Surf

There are several things to explore in Truro and surf fishing is one of them. Lognook and Head of the Meadow beaches are some of the best places that feature surf fishing. It is important that you watch the tide schedule of these places whenever you visit.

All you need to do is cast into the surf. You will get to catch bluefish, sea bass, and a lot more in the water. The trick here is to go out very early in the morning to fish.

Stay in a Nice Hotel

Whether you are at Truro for a vacation, business trip, or a romantic getaway, the hotels at Truro will meet your required needs.

However, selecting the appropriate hotel is very important. There are luxurious and low-budget hotels in Truro. Luxurious hotels offer you the best amenities. For example, the Sandbars Inn, which has a 5-star ratings.

Budget-friendly hotels are affordable and feature basic amenities like a coffee maker, vending machines, and the likes. If you are going for a vacation in Truro and you want comfort, try and consider the type of hotel you lodge.

Go for a Hike

Truro is a small town that encourages hiking. Truro in Massachusetts has got some of the best trails for hiking. These trails have maps and directions that make hiking easy for hikers. The Old King Trail and the Pamet Area Trails are examples of hiking trails in Truro.

Go Biking

This is one of the most interesting activities in Truro. Pamet Cranberry Bog Trail is an easy place to ride a bicycle. Truro offers bike racks on all beaches and other public locations.

Note that you must ride your bike on the road’s right side and abide by all traffic laws and signs.

Golf at Highland Links

Golf at Highland Links

Truro has genuine links courses. Highland Links offers links courses that are uncommon outside of Ireland and the UK. A Links course must feature native grasses, dunes, and sandy soil. Links courses must be natural.

The Highland Links also offer nine different holes. At Highland Link, you will experience the good views of the Cape as the course is located beside the Highland Light’s site. The golf course has been in existence since 1892.

Visit Truro Farmers Market

Truro Farmers Market
Coastal Wine Trail Credit: @pura_pressed

The Truro Farmers Market is one nice place in Truro. This farmers market provides fresh produce such as seafood, fresh juices, vegetables, etc. You can get fresh meat from animals. The Truro Farmers Market is where you can get local produce.

At Truro Farmers market, you get to enjoy nice smoked pork and brisket at the “Smoking Longhorn.”  This place offers nice food and a great selection of produce. The atmosphere here is friendly as buyers and sellers have great conversations. This is a place you will love to explore.

Visit Art Galleries

Art galleries are one of the amazing places to explore if you are in Truro. The Pond Village Gallery, Jobi Pottery and Gallery, Robert Cardinal Studio, etc. are examples of art galleries you can visit in this small town. These art galleries have a stunning collection of art on display.

Truro art galleries display their artwork in an organized manner. For lovers of art work, you can visit art galleries in Truro. The owners of these galleries are always there to attend to visitors. They will educate you about good artwork.

Catch Fun at the Pamet River

Pamet River
Coastal Wine Trail Credit: @lightshiprealtygroupofcapecod

The Pamet River is a place to catch good fun in Truro, MA. The 42-mile river is a salt marsh. This river has got beautiful views. It is a center of attraction for most tourists in Truro. For those who love nature, this place is for you as it will keep you indulged.

With access to cove, river, and marsh, you can paddle here. The Pamet River is a good place to fish in Truro, MA.  You can hang out with your friends at this river.

Head to the Jules Besch Stationers

Jules Besch is one of the best stationery stores in Truro. Here, you get to see a unique selection of cards of great quality. There are handmade cards, antique writings, journals, and nice greeting cards. These handmade cards are sold at reasonable prices.

You can easily get carried away with the beautiful papers and cards here. At Jules Besch, you get to admire the work of art as these cards are made by local artists. This stationery shop offers a wide selection of writing instruments and tasteful works of art.

Take a Tour Around Bayberry Gardens

This place is for garden lovers. Bayberry Gardens features various types of healthy plants and flowers. There are several stunning features in this garden. The gardeners in this place love what they do and they are ready to educate you.

Bayberry Gardens is a place where you can have a great experience in Truro, MA. It is one of the most beautiful gardens in Truro. This garden opens from 9 am to 4 pm on Mondays to Saturdays and then opens from 10 and to 4 pm on Sundays.

Have a Nice Meal in Nice Restaurants

Truro is known for great meals. In restaurants like Blackfish Bistro, you get to enjoy tasteful meals. These restaurants offer meals like a lobster roll, sandwiches, oysters, ice cream, toast, fried clams, chocolate, and omelet.

Your vacation in Truro, MA isn’t complete without visiting any of the best restaurants in this place. Make your taste buds useful by dining in any of the restaurants in Truro.

Visit the Payomet Performing Arts Center

The Payomet performing arts center is another great place to visit if you love professional exciting live music, circus arts, humanities events that are rooted in social values, and theatre.

This performing center is not just a venue, but an experience. They handle events, which nurture the creativity of artists, cultivate social and cultural awareness, and foster excellence and education in performing arts. You can be sure of having a great time here.

Do Yoga

If you are on a vacation, Yoga is one of the best activities to engage in. Yoga helps you to calm your inner spirit.

Fortunately, there are Yoga classes you can attend in Truro, MA. Genevieve’s Prana Flow offers yoga classes.

These classes hold at Truro Vineyards, Pamet Park, and Pamet Yacht. Wellness is important, don’t hesitate to do Yoga.

Visit the First Congregational Church and Snow Cemetery

First Congregational Church and Snow Cemetery

The First Congregational Church and Snow Cemetery is a place of interest for Truro visitors. The congregational church has two burial grounds. This beautiful church has a long history. One of the burial grounds is used by the town while the other is used by the Parish.

There are several headstones such as anchors, millstones, and Insignia at the Snow Cemetery. Several writers and artists from Truro were buried in this cemetery. This is a historic place you would never regret visiting in Truro, MA.

Visit Truro Vineyards

Visit Truro Vineyards
Coastal Wine Trail Credit: @trurovineyardsofcapecod

You can also pay a visit to the Truro vineyards. Wine lovers all over the world are usually allowed in for wine tasting. It is usually a fun affair. Here, you’ll get red wines, white wine, limited release wines and lighthouse wines.

The environment is usually a serene and great one. You will definitely get great value for your money when you take a sip of delicious wine.

Go Window Shopping

Window shopping is considered one of the most interesting activities you can engage in. Before you go window shopping, it is important you decide the type of store you intend to do this. The essence of window shopping is to feed your eyes.

You may take some money along but you might end up spending it, be careful. You should also make an inquiry before you go to a store. Ensure the store you want to window shop allows such.


There are a lot of activities you can engage in during your stay in Truro. From hiking to fishing, window shopping, visiting the cinemas, etc. Truro, Massachusetts has got a lot in store for visitors.  If you are planning a trip to Truro, the above-listed things to do will be of great help to you.

Truro, MA is a nice place to have fun with family and friends. If you also wish to stay away from stress for a while, this is a peaceful place to consider.

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