10 Resourceful Ways to Get Free Wine

Getting free wine is one of the easiest things to do. From loyalty cards to free happy hours and free wine compensations due to terrible service, you cannot run out of options to save a few bucks on drinks. All it takes is a little bit of ingenuity and dedication.

Several companies and agencies tend to give out some form of incentive through free wines to help lure in potential customers. This is the case for companies like American Airlines and Virgin Money. We are going to talk about a few examples of these companies but keep in mind that they are limited by location.

However, you can use our tips and tricks to help you get free wine in your locale if you cannot access the mentioned offers. In this article, we will talk about the various free wine deals available in countries such as the UK, Canada, and the United States. Bear in mind that some of these methods may still cost you a buck or two to facilitate the offers, nevertheless, you will still save more money as compared to buying the wine yourself.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Get Wine for Free

Here are a few things you may start to try out if you want free wine (or any alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink for that matter). We have curated the most successful methods and left the rest to your creativity and skillset.

As mentioned earlier, you may end up spending a few dollars to get the free wine. This is the case for hosting wine tasting parties and going to free wine events such as art auctions and galleries.

1. Where You Live – Free Wine From Local Banks and Agencies

Where you live can greatly impact your proximity to free wine offers. Local banks and agencies usually offer free wine credits for new signups as well as account upgrades. This is the case for Virgin Money, however, if you are not situated near these banks, then you won’t be able to apply for them.

If you are a big wine enthusiast, moving to a location that grants you access to these banks and agencies may be an investment worth considering. You can also make friends with people in the area if you are going to take advantage of the offers frequently.

2. Wine Tastings

Wine tasting experts enjoy free wine regularly. Start-up wineries will often introduce wine drinkers to new wines by hosting free tastings. The practice is not limited to start-ups alone, well-established wineries, like the ones situated in Napa Valley, tend to host the tastings to experts and regular wine tasters.

Most of the wine tastings are invite-only, you would rarely see an advertisement or notice about these tastings. If you live near such wineries, it may be beneficial to get to know their policies on wine tasting. Some may charge you a small fee of $15 to be part of the tastings, but you will often not have a problem finding a free session.

3. Restaurant Left Overs

Taking restraint leftovers may seem like an archaic strategy to getting free wine, but you will be surprised how many people do it. A good number of people who dine in big restaurants will not finish a bottle of wine in one sitting. The owners cannot reuse these wines to serve other clients so they may pour them out or give them to their employees.

Visit your local restaurant and get friendly, especially with the employees. You may be able to get free wine this way if they have lots of leftovers. The practice is also beneficial for wine bottle collection. Wine bottle collection is an easy way to make quick cash since wineries and recycling agencies pay collectors fairly well for their efforts.

4. Compensations for Terrible Service

We have all been there. Getting terrible service from a restaurant or big hotel may be the easiest way to get compensated with freebies. As a show of goodwill and compensation, most hotels and restaurants will offer you free goodies if their service wasn’t up to per.

Take this opportunity to ask for free drinks and wine at your table or room. This is a method that should only be used if the place has terrible service. A lot of big hotels offer amazing services that live up to their standards, they will be able to spot a freebie chaser from a mile away.

5. Credit for Returning Wine Bottles to the Local Winery

Bottle collection is profitable when you are looking for small quick cash and free wine. A lot of local wineries have credits for those who return wine bottles. The credit may be in the form of discounts on their products, free wine upon purchasing a case or two, or just free wine.

You will have to put in a lot of time and effort for this one unless you know a place where you can get a lot of wine bottles at a go. You can create a group for hunting down empty wine bottles to make the process much easier and faster.

6. Host a Wine Tasting Party

You will have to spend money on this method since it involves hosting people at your place. Wine tasting parties require everyone who attends to bring his/her bottle of wine. But since you are the host, all the wine that is left undrunk is yours for the taking.

Nobody is going to ask for their a quarter drunk bottle of wine when the party comes to a close. Some may frown at this method but it is an efficient one if used in moderation and a classy manner. Wine tasters are very particular with the events they go to, make it a rare but memorable occasion to keep them coming.

7. Mystery Shopping

Do you want a legit, paying job that also lets you have free drinks? Mystery shopping is the job for you. There are specialized companies that audit customer services and test the policy compliance of other businesses. An example of such companies is Serve Legal in the United Kingdom.

Serve Legal recruits compliance auditors to go into pubs and restaurants to find out if the businesses are serving alcohol to underage kids. The company hires 18/19-year-old individuals for age-related testing but also employs 20+-year-olds for a wider range of tests. The company not only pays you for the job but will also reimburse you for any money you spend in the pub or restaurant.

8. Smartphone Applications

The list is endless; ClickSnap by Quidco, CheckoutSmart, Green Jinn, Pingza, etc. Several smartphone applications offer cashback guarantees on purchased items. You may be able to get a full cashback on up to 10 alcoholic drinks on apps like ClickSnap.

Moreover, you can also use the apps to earn redeemable points. This is the case for Pingza. Pingza is an app that educates you on all things related to wine. As you continue to use Pingza, you will be able to earn several points that can be redeemed for supermarket vouchers.

9. Free Happy Hours in Hotels

There are several things you should consider when looking for a hotel. Location, the type of room, price, and most importantly for wine enthusiasts; free happy hours. Several hotels have room accommodation packages that entail free happy hours.

Hotels can be very expensive depending on the location, it is amazing to know that you can still get to enjoy yourself as your bank balance depreciates. An example of such a hotels is Embassy Suites by Hilton. They offer their guests free non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages that also include snacks.

10. Gallery Events and Art Auctions

Many cities host galleries and art auctions that require little to no fees to attend. You can find such galleries and art auctions through your local papers and online listings. Art and wine are a good combination, the hosts will usually provide free drinks such as wine for their guests, so keep an eye on that when you look at the listings.

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Offers and Deals to Help You Get Free Wine

Depending on where you are and the time you read these offers, you can be able to save a lot of money on wine purchases using these amazing deals. Keep in mind that some of the listed offers are seasonal and may not be available all year.

1. American Airlines’ Free Wine

American Airlines offer complimentary drinks such as beer, wine, and spirits for their passengers depending on their route and class of service. You will find out that routes such as West Coast – Hawaii do not come with complimentary beer or wine while other routes such as Chicago – Hawaii do.

Below is a simple chart showcasing their complimentary provision for different classes of service.

American Airlines’ Classes of Service

2. Visa Signature or Visa Infinite Free Wine Tasting Rewards

Whether you are using the highest tier Visa Infinite or the regular Visa Signature, you may be liable for free wine tasting rewards. Holders of the cards can get year-round benefits in more than 50 premier Visa Signature wineries. The downside to the Visa Signature and Visa Infinite cardholders is that they will have to spend some money to get the related benefits.

The benefits range from a few savings on wine purchased in the Tasting Room to 1 complimentary tasting of an equal amount spent on standard tasting. You should also note that the benefits and tasting deals vary depending on the winery you go to. Feel free to call ahead to inquire about the benefits.

3. Shopmium Money-Back Offers

Shopmium is another smartphone application that guarantees cashback on certain purchases. The money is usually deposited straight into your PayPal or can be redeemed for alcoholic drinks. Customers can receive tons of free wine and cider from Shopmium if they use it regularly. You can also get a lot of free foods like cheese and salads at no cost.

4. Newsletter Signup Offers

Many companies and agencies thrive on newsletters since they help them reach a wide audience frequently. With that in mind, they often have signup incentives such as free alcohol to get new customers. This practice is not limited to big companies such as airlines but is also practiced by local bars and restaurants.

A few of the bars and restaurants using this method include Pitcher & Piano, Be at One, Pizza Express, Browns, Revolution de Cuba, and Marston’s pubs. The offers range from a free cocktail to a whole meal with a bottle of wine. Make sure to check out the offers on their sites or call them to confirm exactly what they entail. Southwest airlines also use this method.

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