Haier Wine Cooler Reviews (2022 Update)

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You need a quality wine cooler to keep your collection chilled at appropriate temperatures if you’re a wine enthusiast. There are many brands of wine coolers, each offering different features and options; deciding to select one is tricky.

It would be best if you made some crucial decisions based on your needs while selecting wine coolers, including built-in or free-standing, large or small, sliding shelves, or removable racks. Whether you’re just starting your wine collection journey or an avid collector, Haier is a worthy brand to consider.

We will discuss important details about the Haier brand and some of the top models of wine coolers from Haier in this guide. It should be an excellent resource when you’re thinking about getting a wine cooler for your budget, needs, and aesthetic requirements.

Background of the Haier Brand

It is essential to know critical details about the brand before we delve into reviewing their products and explaining what they have to offer. Haier’s history traces back to the 1920s, but it was initially founded in 1984 under a different name. Its country of origin is China, and they design and manufacture many small and large electrical appliances, including microwave ovens, mobile phones, washing machines, computers, refrigerators, and televisions.

Soon after that, because of the quality of products, the company expanded rapidly into many territories, including India, Germany, and all over Asia. Haier also expanded into the United States in 1999 and later set up a facility initially in South Carolina. Today, its American headquarters are in Midtown Manhattan, where it makes a variety of appliances.

Today, Haier has the largest market share of home appliances sold in the market, with reports showing that they generated $5.4 billion in 2016 from the US appliance market alone. Haier continues to invest money in new technologies that can make its products superior to other brands. Also, their products are regarded as being up to the highest industry standards.

Features of Haier Wine Coolers

Before we examine some models, you need to understand each of their features, making your choice more straightforward. We will be mentioning some of these features when discussing their products, so you must understand what each of them means.

Bottle Capacity

This is perhaps the feature that will be the most outstanding out of every Haier wine cooler model. When talking about bottle capacity, we are talking about the holding capacity of a wine cooler. We’ll talk about bottle capacity for how many cases it can hold, if you rarely have a case in your home and if you’re storing wine bottles for a quick turnover or long-term collection.

Bottle capacity also refers to how many standard wine bottles the cooler can hold and is also one of the most important factors when you’re considering purchasing one. If you plan to get more wine bottles than you have presently, plan for it in your selection and go for wine coolers that have an additional 8-10 bottle space in addition to the present number of bottles you have. At this stage, you must remain honest about the number of bottles you intend to keep in the wine cooler.

If you’re not a wine collector but drink wine regularly, a wine cooler that holds 18-30 bottles should be sufficient. Naturally, once you purchase a wine fridge, you will get more bottles later on. Even though you don’t want to continue buying a larger capacity wine cooler every time you buy new bottles, it is also essential that you don’t cool an empty fridge.

Single vs. Dual Cooling Zone

Wine coolers typically come in either type. Single zone wine coolers keep the entire fridge at the same temperature, while dual-zone wine coolers usually have compartments with different temperatures. The separate cases are generally one or two doors with other cooling areas allowing you to store wines that need cooler temperatures separately. You can use dual cooling zone wine coolers to store red wines from sparkling and white wines in different compartments. Alternatively, you can use the colder areas to store liquor, juice, mixers, and soda.

If you wish to use a single zone cooler and still store different types of wines, it is possible. You can set the temperature at about 50 degrees. When you want to drink the reds, take it out for about an hour to an hour, 30 minutes before you want to drink it so it can warm up a bit. If you plan to decant, you can keep it in a decanter while you’re allowing it to warm up.

Cooling Mechanism

This is the method by which the wine cooler uses to keep your wine bottles cool. The main types of cooling methods in wine fridges that Haier brands have are compressor-based and thermoelectric coolers. Both have their pros and cons, so it’s up to you to decide which is more important to you. Thermoelectric coolers are quieter and use smaller energy than compressor-based coolers, but they’re not resistant to ambient temperatures and cannot cool at low temperatures. Check out the necessary details about each below:

Thermoelectric Cooling

  • It is tranquil and doesn’t make a lot of noise.
  • Typically very compact, making them suitable for urban living
  • An excellent choice for those who enjoy wines and are not collectors
  • Warms up in warmer climates and rooms
  • Unable to get as cold as compressors

Compressor-Based Cooling

  • More durable than the alternative
  • Heavier than thermoelectric coolers
  • Capable of reaching very low temperatures, which makes them a good choice for white and sparkling wines.
  • It makes more noise than thermoelectric coolers.
  • Less sensitive to room temperatures making the temperatures more stable
  • An excellent choice for wine collectors

Our recommendation is compressor-based wine coolers. Their cooling is more stable, and even though they’re louder than thermoelectric coolers, they aren’t by any means noisy. Choosing a wine cooler that keeps temperature-sensitive wines at more stable temperatures is a better investment and puts less risk on your wines.

However, if you live in a small space and only drink red wine, a thermoelectric cooler will work just fine. But, if you’re keeping any wines that need to get cooler and keep constant pressure, a compressor-based cooler is the better option. Also, if you live in hot climates, always select a wine cooler with a compressor for the best performance.

UV Tinted Glass Doors

Wine coolers typically have glass doors so you can view the wines in them and count how many bottles you have conveniently. Some models make it so that you can see the bottle labels while they’re standing or lying flat for easy identification. UV blocking enhances this effort by keeping the wines safe from UV rays, potentially affecting the taste. The lighter the wines are, the more sensitive they are to heat and light.

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Review of Haier Wine Coolers

We’ll now review some Haier wine coolers to make your decision easier.

1. Haier Dual Zone Wine Cooler: Recommend

Haier Dual Zone Wine Cooler
More Details on Amazon

This is a free-standing wine cooler with a capacity of 44 bottles which is enough space for beginners and enthusiasts alike to store all their wines. As the name shows, it is also a dual-zone refrigerator with a temperature zone ranging from 41oF to 61oF. It uses a compressor system for refrigerating, which is excellent at maintaining low temperatures, so your white and sparkling wines are in good condition.

You can keep your wine bottles on the four sliding wooden shelves for accessible accommodation and arrangement as you deem fit. The danger of UV light damaging your wines is not here because the triple-pane glass door maintains a stable interior temperature and gives the wines excellent protection. The electronic controls are easily reachable – on the door, allowing you to adjust or set the interior temperature without the need of opening the door.


  • Excellent solid design
  • Great piece for core enthusiasts with an extensive collection
  • Door alarm to inform you when you leave the door open
  • Its powerful compressor system gives the required low temperatures
  • Easy to reach temperature controls


  • Prone to making excessive noise

2. Haier 6 bottle wine cooler with Electronic Controls

Haier 6 bottle wine cooler with Electronic Controls
More Details on Amazon

This is an elegant wine cooler with an excellent design, perfect for enthusiasts and beginner wine collectors alike. It sports a tremendous blue LCD with an easily adjustable thermostat. You can keep six wine bottles in this piece conveniently at a chilled temperature, especially if sparkling and white wines are your go-to. You can conveniently lock this unit, so your wines are safe and untampered with precisely as you like them. It has an insulated, double pane, curved glass door to view your wine bottles anytime you wish.

The Haier wine cooler 8 bottle, 12 bottles, or 16 are similar models of the same wine cooler with dual-zone curved smoked glass. The significant difference between them is the number of bottles they can hold. Other than that, the features and options are similar. They have thermoelectric cooling, interior LED lights, LED display, dual-zone cooling, and many more.


  • The temperature stays constant after you’ve set it at any point between 45 – 55F.
  • Compact size that will fit almost anywhere you want to keep it
  • It uses a thermoelectric system
  • No vibrations or noise making it ideal for countertops


  • A more comprehensive temperature range will be preferrable
  • The temperature adjustment method could be better

This wine cooler is ideal for beginners, and its different features prove that. Even though they may advertise it as an option for both white and red wines, its temperature range of 45-55 shows that it is a wine cooler best suited for sparkling and white wines. Regardless, it is an excellent and compact unit that doesn’t make noise.

3. Haier HVTM12DABB 12-Bottle Dual Zone Mirrored Glass Door Wine Cellar

Haier HVTM12DABB 12-Bottle Dual Zone Mirrored Glass Door Wine Cellar
More Details on Amazon

Judging by its appearance alone, this is a cooler with an excellent and exquisite look. It has a sleek black design and an incredible smoked glass door that makes it look like something from a sci-fi movie. If you’re the sophisticated type who would instead go for unique designs than simple ones, this is ideal for you. It is a compact, free-standing dual-zone thermoelectric wine cooler with four functional and durable chrome racks.

The Haier HVTM12DABB is a 12-bottle capacity wine cooler with double zones that have independent electronic temperature controls. In the upper zone, you can adjust the temperature between 45 – 54 oF and 52 – 64oF in the lower zone. You can use the adjustable leveling legs to set it as you wish, giving you more options on where to store it. The interior blue LED light provides an incredible glow that will leave your friends and family impressed.


  • Holds temperature excellently
  • Energy-efficient unit
  • Quiet operation in many cases
  • Dual-zone for keeping both whites and reds
  • Relatively cheaper than similar alternatives


  • Some units may break down fast
  • Might not be enough space for serious/big-time wine collectors

4. Haier Built-in 26-Bottle Wine Cooler

Haier HVCE15BBH Built-In or Freestanding 26-Bottle Wine Cellar
More Details on Amazon

Like many 15 inches wide wine coolers, this was primarily built to fill up the space available from redundant trash compactors in a house. It has a stainless-steel body with black cabinet doors that give it a unique type of elegance like you’ve never seen before. It is built to function as either a built-in cooler or free-standing usage. You can conveniently adjust the temperature with an electric control unit to make the ideal storage condition for chilling your whites. You can monitor the requirements of the interior from an LED display.


  • Its reversible door will make it fit in almost any space conveniently
  • You can easily pull out the shelves completely to load, re-arrange and clean them properly
  • It has many features for practicality and convenience
  • The auto door stop function prevents sudden door shuts that can dislodge bottles.
  • Integrated alarm system to notify you if the temperature goes higher than 60 degrees


  • This is a loud unit
  • You cannot turn off the internal lights

This wine cooler will easily keep 26 of your wine bottles adequately chilled and ready for anytime you wish to drink. It is excellent at maintaining the lowest temperature setting at 43 degrees that prevents any damage to your drinks. The classy and unique look of this wine cooler makes it look like an upgraded trash compactor replacement. It is also at a lower price than many other similar products of this type in the market.

5. Haier BC112G 30-Bottle Wine Cooler

Haier BC112G 30-Bottle Wine Cellar
More Details on Amazon

This is a wine cooler designed to fit 30 wine bottles conveniently. Even though it uses single-zone technology for cooling, it is still an impressive unit that will deliver remarkable results. The BC112G uses thermoelectric cooling, which reduces the noise produced and cools your bottles without drawing attention.

Looking at this unit, the first thing you’ll notice is the black cabinet with silver trimmed amber tint, making it look exquisite. The unique colors and design will make the BC112G fit in almost any part of the house you decide to put it. You can also use a lock and key to keep your precious wine bottles safe from unauthorized access.

You can easily control the temperature with the touch button that controls the digital thermostat, allowing a temperature range of 45oF – 60oF. Its LED screen shows the set and current temperature to tell when it is appropriate for your wine bottles and make the necessary changes. It has six slide-out chromed racks and a removable wire basket at the bottom for keeping your bottles.


  • Stylish design with curves
  • Fairly quiet
  • Amber-tinted glass door
  • Soft interior lighting gives an elegant view of your bottles
  • Great price


  • Sometimes it has high-temperature fluctuations of about 5 – 7 degrees

6. Haier 48 Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler

Haier 48 Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler
More Details on Amazon

You can store up to 48 bottles in this exquisite wine cooler. It has four glide-out wooden shelves and a slide-out storage basket. The two temperature zones make it so that you can keep separate wine supplies at an ideal temperature. The interior has soft lighting that illuminates the interior for a beautiful display showing off your wine bottles.


  • Electric temperature controls have options for Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • You can separate drinks easily with the lower zone (43oF – 65oF) and upper area (50oF – 65oF).
  • Reversible hinge side that accommodates left-handed users
  • Ability to disable functions following Shabbat-observing practices
  • Movable divider to help easily separate zones, size them, and control


  • There have been reports of some leaking refrigerant units.

What We Like About Haier Wine Coolers

We’ll check out some of why we recommend Haier wine coolers out of the several brands out there.

Affordable Prices

Haier has made a name for delivering comparatively lower wine cooler prices than other manufacturers. Even when their coolers pack a lot of features and add-ons, the price remains relatively lower than those of competitors that offer similar. Haier has made the previously exclusive wine-loving club more open and mainstream for beginner wine enthusiasts. Wine collectors who don’t have loads of money to spend on several wine bottles and equipment can use the Haier brand and still enjoy the winery world.

Excellent Quality

One will typically assume that cheaper products will generally have a lower quality than more expensive ones. That is not true with the Haier wine coolers, as they also do an excellent job of preserving your wine quality. Haier wine coolers can store your wines at their optimal storage temperatures till when you want to decant a bottle.

Different Options

You can get Haier wine coolers in several different sizes based on your needs. They are available in 4-bottle capacity models up to 50-bottle capacity models. So, they fit the needs of different types of wine enthusiasts. Generally, the smaller models, usually for countertops and portable free-standing pieces, have a thermoelectric cooling system. Just as described above, they are also quieter than their bigger compression-system counterparts. More big compression-cooled wine coolers are usually produced for built-in use, focusing on cooling fast rather than quiet operations.

Great Designs

Haier wine coolers have excellent designs and often innovate to the current and modern designs of the years. Many of their wine coolers have a black or silver color scheme that blends in easily with ultra-modern and contemporary interiors. You will find that many Haier wine coolers also have an electrically operated thermostat for convenient wine temperature adjustment and monitoring.

Amazing Compression Cooling

Among many compression wine cooler lineups, Haier’s stands out. As suggested before, we prefer fridges that can cool to lower temperatures and keep it stable even under warmer ambient temperatures. Haier gives many quality products with a compression cooling excellent for wine lovers who want higher capacity or have wines that need temperature control.

What We Don’t Like About Haier Wine Coolers

As impressive as Haier wine coolers are, there are some areas where they could make improvements.

Bad Units

From the reviews we’ve checked, there are some complaints about damaged units on arrival, malfunctioning units after installation, and malfunctioning replacements. Some reports also state that some screws placed in the unit were slanted instead of straight. However, it seems that the newer units have an improvement on this front.

Less Than Excellent Customer Service

We’ve seen complaints about their customer service that isn’t satisfying customers. While some others praise the service they received, we cannot ignore those who aren’t pleased with it, and it’s something you should note. Common complaints include their processes taking too much time and getting replacement units/parts that do not work correctly.

Haier Wine Cooler FAQs

Check out some of the most commonly asked questions about Haier wine coolers.

How to Perform Haier Wine Cooler Troubleshooting?

Haier has a section in the wine and beverages centers on their website that can address specific problems you might have with your wine cooler. You can scroll through and see any troubleshooting guide that addresses the particular issue you have.

Are Haier Wine Fridges Good?

Yes, Haier wine fridges are good and are some of the highest-rated fridges online. They give their users a variety to choose including small and large wine coolers with options for compression and thermoelectric wine cooling, built-in and free-standing options, and single-zone or dual-zone options.

Where Can I Get Haier Wine Cooler Manual?

Haier wine coolers typically come with manual and installation instructions for your use. However, you can also access the manuals online for different models. You can also download these manuals to your device for your help if you run into any difficulties.


From all of the above indications, we’ve shown that Haier wine coolers have all the features and capabilities of standing next to the biggest names in the industry. It is a worthy contender for your wine cooler regardless of if you’re a beginner or expert in the wine collecting world.

Haier wine coolers give many options, so you can find one that fits your needs and cost. You can find their wines in many stores or online merchants such as Amazon.

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